How to Activate Showtime Anytime on Xbox 360 and Xbox One?

This guide covers how to install and activate Showtime Anytime on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Showtime Anytime is one of the most popular channels in the U.S for movies and shows. It basically offers the latest movies, programs, shows, sports events, comedy specials, and a large variety of different shows.


  1. Apart from this, you can also watch live TV and on-demand shows too.
  2. You can also download full shows.
  3. They update their library regularly so that you can access the latest shows and movies frequently.
  4. Provides a large variety of shows for its users.
  5. Supports most of the devices like Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and many more.

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Activate Showtime Anytime on Xbox 360-

Follow the further steps in order to install and activate Showtime Anytime on Xbox 360.

  1. Connect your Xbox 360 to the active internet connection.
  2. Navigate the apps option on the top panel and click on it.
  3. Go to the browse apps option on the left side of your screen.
  4. Search for “Showtime Anytime” in the search field by using an on-screen keyboard.
  5. Choose the Showtime Anytime app from the result.
  6. Tap on the download button on your overview page.
  7. Wait until the downloading process finishes, then launch the app from the My Apps.
  8. Go to the menu section and choose either the activate or play options.
  9. Now choose your respective TV provider from the given list.
  10. In a while, an activation code will appear on your TV screen.
  11. Go to other devices such as computers or mobile and enter in the URL field.
  12. You may ask to sign in with your Showtime Anytime account credentials in order to submit an activation code.
  13. You will be asked to submit a given activation code in the respective field.
  14. Once your activation process finishes, then your screen automatically loads Showtime Anytime contents on the screen.
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Activate Showtime Anytime on Xbox One-

Follow the given steps in order to install and activate Showtime Anytime on Xbox One.

  1. Your device must have an active internet connection.
  2. First, go to the Microsoft store.
  3. Go to the apps tile on the top-right side.
  4. Find the app in the list or go to the search icon (magnifying glass) and enter “Showtime Anytime” in the search field.
  5. Click on the Showtime Anytime app in the result.
  6. You will be promoted to the next page, then click on the “get it” option in order to install it.
  7. After installing, launch the app.
  8. Navigate the menu section on the top side of your screen.
  9. Then select activate or play option in order to get an activation code on your TV screen. Then move on to another device to submit the code.
  10. Open any browser and type link in the search field.
  11. Enter your displayed activation code in the empty field.
  12. Now you can stream Showtime Anytime on Xbox One.


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