Top 4 Best Alternative of Ahrefs Website

There are many such websites in the market that are very similar to “Ahrefs”.

If “Ahrefs” was not suitable for you, then you can use these websites instead. All this website works similar to “Ahrefs”, some of them you may already know.

Today we will read the alternative websites of “Ahrefs”, let’s start with no delay.


It is the most popular website in the market, it is also in the list of most trusted SEO tools and I really love it, especially its simple and understandable website features.

If you really want to replace Ahrefs SEO tools then I especially recommend you, it is the best alternative and you can go for it.

As much as I have used it so far, I found that its keyword research is about 80 to 90% accurate, which is quite good. Such good accuracy means that it shows the current data of almost all the websites to its users.

Along with keyword research, it also has many more features.

  • SEO site audits
  • Rank Tracking
  • Link Building
  • Social media management
  • Content marketing
  • Competitor analysis and many more.

All these tools make it a very strong contender and with good quality and a large number of features, it becomes its closest competitor.

Both have a lot of commonalities,

You can look at the quality of keyword research, whether in their features and SEO tools

Also in their price segment and all these things make it similar to “Ahrefs”.

You can see the monthly charge of these two –

You can also check out the yearly package of both-

If you really want the same thing as “Ahrefs”, but except “Ahrefs itself”, then trust me there is nothing better than this.

Both of them are much better in their own place, this is obviously a personal preference either you go for it or not.


This is the second alternative to my list, which is a very famous SEO tool created by Neil Patel and this is also the best available free SEO tool in the market.

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If you are looking for a free alternative to this website, there is nothing better than Ubersuggest. If you are a beginner then I suggest that this website will be the best for you, from other paid websites. Why waste your money in the beginning when you have free choice.

As much as I have used it, I can say that its data is slightly less accurate than the paid websites data and Because as far as I think, it probably shows about 1-2 weeks old data of websites to its users.

It also has a wide range of features for its users-

  • Domain overview
  • Backlink analyzer
  • Keyword suggestion
  • Keyword research
  • Topic research And more

Ubersuggest even offers precious keyword advice, backlink data, and content plan for your marketing programme.

All this makes it a very good opponent, it will be perfect for you in the initial stages.

Its free version is very powerful, but it also comes in paid version, which is available in very good features and cheap rates.

Ubersuggest may not have as many accurate and powerful SEO tools as the Ahrefs have, but its much cheaper plans definitely attract the Beginners.

The most interesting thing about Ubersuggest is that you get unlimited SEO audit reports in a day and also it has the facility of lifetime package in annual charge.

Monthly price plans of both-

Yearly price segment-

if you are a beginner and have less budget then I highly recommend you go for Ubersuggest otherwise Ahrefs is far ahead of Ubersuggest.

3-Monitor Backlinks

It would not be right to say that it is exactly similar to “Ahrefs”, it definitely has some shortcomings But Monitor Backlinks says that it is “the best monitoring tool for backlinks and keywords, period”.

This website is not as accurate as Semrush and Ahrefs. This website collects its data from a lot of places, out of which two websites are “Moz” and “Majestic”.

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If you want very accurate and latest data, then it is not so beneficial for you, as compared to above SEO tools and it also has a lot of features, but it is not so solid and unique, that you can make it stand in front of the Ahrefs.

Available features in Monitor Backlinks-

  • Track Keyword Ranking
  • Provide all backlink data in one place
  • Average Keyword position
  • Disavow page
  • Speed Indicator(which detect the site loading time)
  • Spam flag number and many more.

All this is definitely good, but we cannot say good opponent to this, but yes it can used definitely be appropriate in the initial stages and in this you get a free trial of a month, which will give you time to get to know this website very well.

But ofcourse, you will definitely get a little relief from its price segment compared to the Ahrefs.

We compare both of them-

The price segment of these two is quite different, it is definitely much cheaper than Ahrefs, but there are also a lot of drawbacks, like a low count of rows per report and many more.

Must use it once and get your experience, maybe you shall like it?


Mangools website is a set of 5 SEO tools, its interface is quite user-friendly.

It does not have all the tools under the same roof like “Ahrefs”, rather it has all the tools are segregated and this thing wastes a lot of time, and it does not give the user a good environment.

In this, the user has to use these tools separately, which will not give them a pleasant experience.

Like if you want to find the data of any particular Keyword then you have to click on KWFinder, which only shows the data of that particular keyword rather did not show their website rank, backlinks, and SERP analysis.

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  • Keyword research
  • More granular location
  • SERPWatcher

It will not be such a good contender or alternative of Ahrefs, because there are many shortcomings in it, which is very important to improve so that it can compete with Ahrefs.

This is accurate, but its features still have many drawbacks such as its filter which provides much less service compared to the ahrefs.

Now let’s talk about its monthly package, in which the odds are in his favour, its rate is almost half of their rates.

This is definitely a plus point, but if you have a good budget, then I would not advise you to take it because you will not get that quality here.

If you have a tight budget then this will work for you, and there is a 10-day free trial in which you can experience this website once.

maybe it will fit you after all the last choice is yours.


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