Best ways to fix BBC iPlayer not working problem.

Many users have claimed that BBC iPlayer is not working on their streaming device, they are facing problems like freezing, black screen, and sudden stop. If you are also facing such a problem, then you are on the right article. Today we will tell you how you get rid of BBC iPlayer not working problem.

BBC iPlayer supports most devices like Android, Apple TV, iOS, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Smart TVs.

Causes for BBC iPlayer not Working problem?

There can be many reasons for BBC iPlayer not working or freezing problem. Here we mention some of the

  • This freezing or not working problem can occur due to temporary bugs.
  • Your Modem is not working properly.
  • The router or modem is too far away from your streaming device.
  • Corrupt time settings can also lead to BBC iPlayer not working problem.
  • Unwanted data and cache are also some of the reasons for the BBC iPlayer problem.
  • Outdated version of BBC iPlayer app.
  • Your device might be out of date.
  • Corrupted BBC iPlayer.

How to fix BBC iPlayer not working problem?

1 – Relaunch BBC iPlayer.

Restarting BBC iPlayer is a great option. Sometimes temporary bugs get loaded in the app, which blocks the app. Relaunching the app will clear all such bugs automatically.

  • Simply press the back button on your remote to exit BBC iPlayer.
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2 – Restart your device.

If relaunching BBC iPlayer doesn’t solve the problem, you should try restarting your device. Many users have also fixed this problem by restarting the device, so you should definitely try this trick once.

  • Press the power/standby button on your TV remote.
  • Tap the power button on your Smartphone and select the reboot option.
  • Unplug the power cord from the main switch and after a few minutes, plug into the main switch.

3 – Check modem and router.

As you know BBC iPlayer is an online platform, for which you need internet. Therefore, it may be that due to some problem with your device or router the internet connection is not available and as a result, your BBC iPlayer is not working.

  • You must definitely check all the connections of your Router.
  • Try to keep the modem as close as you can, and at the same time clear all obstacles between the device and the router.
  • If possible, then use Ethernet instead of a wireless connection.

4 – Fix the time of your device.

The corrupted time setting also sometimes conflicts with BBC iPlayer, so make sure your time settings should be correct.

  • Go to the settings of the device.
  • Navigate the Time & Date option.
  • Select the time option.
  • Set the time.

Now check whether your BBC iPlayer is working or not. If not, then move on to another method to fix BBC iPlayer not working problem.

5 – Clear BBC iPlayer cache.

Many times, the corrupted data and cache gets stored in the app, due to which the app is not able to load properly. That’s why we should clear such cache and data from the app immediately so that it does not conflict with BBC iPlayer and the app will work properly.

  • Go to your BBC iPlayer app.
  • Select the Clear data and cache option.
  • Now your cache will clear from the device.
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6 – Update your device.

Having an outdated version of the device can also cause BBC iPlayer to fail in loading. So, keep your device up to date and try to have the latest firmware on your TV.

  • Go to the device settings.
  • Go to the about device (on mobile phones).
  • Check the latest version and install it.
  • Go to the firmware option (on your Smart TVs).
  • Download the latest Firmware.

Also, make sure your BBC iPlayer app must be updated, otherwise, update it.

7 – Reinstall BBC iPlayer on your device.

If you are on this method, it may mean that the above-mentioned methods did not fix your BBC iPlayer not working problem. Many times, even after clearing the cache of the app, some corrupted data remains stored in the app itself, and due to which the app faces problems in loading.

Therefore, the best way to do this is to re-install the app so that all the old cache and data are cleared automatically, and reinstalling BBC iPlayer will give the app a fresh start.

  • First, you have to uninstall BBC iPlayer.
  • Now go to your App Store (according to your device).
  • Search for BBC iPlayer app on your store.
  • Tap on the install button.
  • Now launch the BBC iPlayer app.


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