Best Android Games for Children

At this time, the smartphone is not only used for SMS and calls but also used for learning new things and a whole package of entertainment. Nowadays we easily get any information, that too sitting at home.

There are a lot of mobile apps and games, which also gives knowledge of entertainment. You will definitely know the benefits of mobile games, but there are some games that are made for the betterment of children and their entertainment.

“Choosing a better game for children” This topic may sound strange, but it is really a very important topic for your child. You would know that childhood is a very important part of our development. At this time children learn a lot of new things and you will always want your children to pay attention only to the good thing at this age, even if it is a mobile game.

And it is definitely a difficult task to choose a better game for children, which should make your child mentally strong with entertainment. There are a bunch of games available for kids on the mobile, it’s really hard to choose one of the games for your little kid but don’t worry It is our job to choose the best among all of them so that you just get rest.

Here we have prepared our list according to the children’s age and IF you want to check out the best game available in the play store then check out our this post
Best mobile games for 7 year olds
1-Smarts kids puzzle 2-Minecraft 3-Candy crush saga 4-Steppy pants 5-Chuggington
Baby games for 2 to 4-year-olds-
1-The Endless Kids game 2-ABC Kids 3-Duck Duck Moose Reading 4-Moose math 5-Toca Life World
Best games for 4 to 6-year-olds
1-Marble math junior 2-King of Math 2 3-Wonster words: pro 4-Toca life: city 5-Coloring games
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Baby games for 2 to 4-year-olds-

1-The Endless Kids game

This whole game collection fully worthy for kids, it includes Endless Alphabet, Endless Reader, Endless Numbers, Endless Wordplay, and Endless Spanish. This game is very easy and quite fun so that your child can easily understand it. The easiest way to remember early is by watching and practicing yourself, which you will get from this app.

This game is free but if you want the full edition then you have to pay some money.

2-ABC Kids

This game is completely free and focused on learning the alphabet for children. In this, you have to read the alphabet, how to speak, the difference between the capital letter and the lower letter. This game is very easy and quite fun, and you will get a reward like stickers for completing the stage.

Your kids will definitely love this, he would enjoy learning definitely. Must use it once, if your child feels hard to remember the alphabets.

3-Duck Duck Moose Reading

This game will help your children to increase their reading ability, this game specially focused on Letter sound, recognizing and naming lowercase letters, practice and pronouncing sounds or spelling consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words.

4-Moose math

This is the best option for learning math in our category, your children can learn Addition, Subtraction, and Counting by making Smoothies.

Also here some matching problems question, shapes, and colors of items that you have to detect, and also Dot to Dot game.

5-Toca Life World

In this, you can create your own storylines, unique characters and build your own world. Your children can create their own world designs and expand it.

It is not necessary that your children learn alphabet and numbers only, sometimes you should also teach creative things to your children and this game will expand the creativity of your children.

It is a fully free game.

Best games for 4 to 6-year-olds

1-Marble math junior

Math is a very boring subject, which is very difficult for children to understand, but this game will make math easy and interesting, which your children may have never felt before.

Your children can learn multiplication, divide, shape recognition, patterns of numbers, counting money, and many more, which is very interesting.

You have to pay a few dollars to download this game but it is worthy.

2-King of Math 2

This game also fully focused on the math category, this game includes 5 worlds with 125 stages, and each world comes with different math problems like addition, multiply, subtraction, and division which is quite interesting.

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It will definitely increase and refresh your child’s math skills and also boost his ability to solving such queries.

You have to pay money to download this game.

3-Wonster words: pro

This game will improve your children’s vocabulary, alphabet, phonics, consonant blends, word families, diphthongs, digraphs, and more.

This game will not let your kids get bored, because its cartoonish graphics make this game more fun and once the words are completed, your child will enjoy endearing animation head-lined by the wonsters.

This is quite costly, you have to pay a high amount of money to download this game.

4-Toca life: city

It is the second game in our list from the Toca Boca developers. This game is specially focused, daily tasks that ordinary people do in the city.

You can create and customize your own city by creativity.

you can explore cities, customize your character in many ways, go for shopping, eat-in food stands, and more interesting things which you can explore.

You have to pay for money to download this game.

5-Coloring games

If your child is interested in drawing then this game will definitely be perfect for him, this game is full of fun, colorful, creative drawing variety.

There are tons of variety of the game which can your child enjoy such as fun paint, color fill, glow paint, and number paint.

It is a completely free game.

Best mobile games for 7-year-olds

1-Smarts kids puzzle

Whether younger or elder everyone loves to solve puzzles, it also increases your brain memory, and this game fully based on puzzle queries for children which is quite interesting to solve.


From kids to elders, everyone loves Minecraft, and why not, this game is very interesting and fun to play.

This game has achieved many hardcore fans, which loves Minecraft more than any game.

Minecraft placed you in a huge world, where you mine stuff, create weapons, discover places, and craft the world.

You can build whatever you want and there are few modes also available like creative, and survival. Creative mode is generally a favorite for kids because there are unlimited items available so they don’t have to worry about stuff, they usually focused on crafting things.

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This game is not free you have to pay.

3-Candy crush saga

This game is a very popular puzzle game with billions of downloads, children like to solve such puzzles.

In this, you have to put the same colored candies in pairs of three, and by adding more candies to it, some special power comes into them. Here you will find the Thousand Level, every next level in it is more difficult than the old level, and this thing makes this game more interesting.

4-Steppy pants

Steppy Pants, the most realistic walking simulator.

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll remember just how much fun you can have walked down the street.​

Children will definitely like to play this game, there is a lot of hilarious scene in it, which many kids will definitely like.


This game is focused on Train Journey, which is shown in the game quite well. You can draw your own path for the train and also attach Attach wagons, jetpack, booster, and awesome other gears.

Discover and create new paths, unlock new trains, and customize them. There is a variety of missions like a rescue mission and speed delivery, and lots of features also include speed booster, nighttime scene, target play, and many more which will keep you connected to this game.


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