Can I use the same WhatsApp account on 2 phones

As of now, no official app has yet come from Facebook, so that you can run a WhatsApp on two phones. But what if you really need this, the official application is currently not there, but you can definitely connect to the mobile through a various application. There are several methods that can connect your primary mobile WhatsApp to other devices.

If you want to connect your WhatsApp to your computer and secondary mobile, then you can go to the official website of WhatsApp and scan directly.

NOTE- 1-The most important thing in all these ways is that you can only log into WhatsApp of the secondary device when you have an internet connection in the primary device at that time, otherwise you cannot log in to the second WhatsApp.

2-You can connect multiple devices to your WhatsApp at a time.

Follow each of our steps-

1-Open WhatsApp official site in Smartphone and Computer


2-Now open your WhatsApp in the primary device and click on three dots on the corner-


3-Choose the option WhatsApp Web


4-Now click on “+” button to add another device


5-Scan code is given in the secondary device, Now Scan QR code by the primary device.


6-Within a few seconds, you will connect with your fellow WhatsApp.



If you have difficulty logging into WhatsApp by repeatedly visiting the website, then there are other applications to which you can connect WhatsApp in two mobile.

  • Whatscan-QR Scan Pro
  • Whatscan for WhatsApp
  • Whatscan Pro
  • Whatscan web
  • Whatsweb
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They all work the same way, you can log in on your WhatsApp using them very easily.

Here, I will tell you how to connect through the Whatscan application, you can also connect like this in all other apps.

1-Open your Application in secondary smartphone and click on whatscan


2- Now you will see the scan code on your mobile.


3- Scan it through Primary WhatsApp-


4- Now you connect with your WhatsApp-

By following all these steps, you can easily use your WhatsApp on other mobile phones.


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