6 ways to fix DBD error code 8028.

In this guide, we will discuss one of the most common errors “DBD error code 8028” and ways to fix it. Many users claimed that they get this very frequently and it makes the worse game experience for them. Therefore, this guide will cover the whole concept of error code 8028.

Dead by Daylight (DBD) error code 8028 is a connection error that occurs when the game is unable to establish a stable connection to the server. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including a slow or unstable internet connection, server maintenance or downtime, or a problem with the game’s servers.

How to fix Dead By Daylight Error Code 8028?

Restart the game: –

Restarting the game can potentially fix the DBD error code 8028 by clearing out any temporary data that may be causing the issue. Sometimes, the game may have frozen or become unresponsive, and a restart can resolve these issues. Additionally, restarting the game can refresh the memory and start the game from a clean slate, which can resolve certain glitches. If still you are facing DBD error code 8028, then you can proceed to our next method.

Restart your device: –

Restarting a device can often resolve temporary software glitches that may cause a game not to work properly. When a device is restarted, it reloads fresh resources and can potentially clear up any issues that were causing the game to not work. Restarting can also clear the device’s memory and free up resources, which can resolve performance issues that might be impacting the game. Additionally, restarting can also help to establish a new network connection, which can resolve issues related to connectivity. While restarting a device may not always resolve issues with a game, it is often a simple and effective first step in troubleshooting.

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Check your internet connection: –

It’s important to check your internet connection before playing Dead by Daylight (DBD) because an unstable, inactive, or slow connection can lead to issues such as lag, disconnections, and error messages like DBD error code 8028.

Method 1: – Make sure you are using an active internet connection.

Method 2: – Also ensure that you have a stable and fast connection, which can enhance your gaming experience and prevent issues from arising during gameplay.

Method 3: – If possible, then switch to LAN.

Disable your VPN settings: –

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can cause problems like DBD error code 8028. Here are some reasons why you can get error code 8028 from VPN.

Latency issues: VPNs often route traffic through multiple servers, which can increase latency and cause lag in games.

IP blocking: Some online games block VPN IP addresses, which can prevent players from accessing the game.

Network throttling: Some VPN providers throttle or limit the bandwidth available for gaming traffic, which can cause slowdowns and lag.

Encryption overhead: The encryption process used by VPNs can add additional overhead to network traffic, which can impact the performance of games.

Firewall issues: Firewall configurations on a VPN server or the player’s device can block necessary ports, causing problems with online gaming.

In conclusion, VPNs can sometimes cause issues with DBD games, and it’s best to check the VPN provider’s service and compatibility before using them. If you encounter problems while using a VPN, try disabling it and see if the game works better without it.

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Check your Antivirus: –

Antivirus software can block Dead by Daylight (DBD) because it can identify and prevent potential security threats. Antivirus software uses various methods to detect and block malicious software, including signature-based detection, heuristics, and behavior analysis. Sometimes, the antivirus software may identify DBD game files as a potential threat due to their code being similar to known malicious software, or because the game has been modified, which can cause the antivirus software to view these modifications as a security threat. In some cases, the antivirus software may also block network traffic related to the game if it detects suspicious activity, or the firewall component of the antivirus software may block incoming or outgoing network traffic related to the game, which can cause DBD error code 8028.

To avoid antivirus software blocking DBD, it is recommended to keep the antivirus software up-to-date and add an exception for the game’s executable file.

Server down: –

If you try all the above methods and are still not able to solve the DBD error code 8028 problem. Then there will be a high chance that the problem is from the server side, not from your side. So, the best option is to wait until it resolves itself or you can check their official website for any updates.


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