How to watch DISH ANYWHERE on Roku Device

What is Dish Anywhere?

Dish Anywhere is a Live streaming platform, where you meet a large variety of channels. Here you will find sports, movies, TV channels, news, and many more channels under one roof. In simple ways, we can say that it is a hub of more than 150 channels in which you can find different varieties of channels.

The subscriber can also enjoy hundreds of On-demand movies and T.V shows on their couch. “Dish Anywhere” allows you to stream in many devices like smartphones, Apple TV, Fire Stick, and many more.

Is Dish Anywhere available on Roku?

Despite Roku being so famous, Dish Anywhere Channel is not present in it yet. Rather you will find Dish Anywhere in your laptop, Android, Firestick, and many other devices. Maybe in the coming future, Roku developers can find their solution soon.

Till then you can enjoy “Dish Anywhere” in this way, it will not be telecast directly from Roku but will work indirectly. Here I am talking about Screen Mirroring a feature of Roku, with the help of it you can enjoy Dish anywhere by casting from another device like android and Computer. Currently, Roku users have no other option than “screen mirroring” to watch Dish Anywhere.

So here we explain some methods on multiple devices to watch “Dish Anywhere on Roku” by casting.

How to watch Dish Anywhere on Roku-

As we earlier said there is no official Dish Anywhere channel available on Roku at this time, so we need to take help from other devices to stream Dish Anywhere on Roku. Here we have brought the method for you to watch dish anywhere on Roku by casting/mirroring from your Android, iPhone, and computer.

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Cast Dish Anywhere on Roku from Android-

  • First, connect your Roku device to your television.
  • Your android phone and Roku must be connected through the same WiFi.
  • Now go to the setting option, and then click on the Device Setting option.
  • Navigate to the Screen mirroring option and click it.
  • Now move on to the Android part, at first you need to install the DISH ANYWHERE app from the play store.
  • After installing the app, go to the setting option.
  • Scroll down until you find Connecting & Sharing option and click it.
  • Simply click on the Cast option.
  • Enable the Cast option to scan the nearby device to cast.
  • When your Roku device name appears on your android screen, simply click on it for connecting.
  • After your android phone is ready for the cast, the mobile screen will be automatically displayed on your TV screen.
  • At last, open the DISH ANYWHERE app and enjoy your favorite shows.

Cast Dish Anywhere on Roku from iOS-

  • Connect your Roku device to your TV.
  • iPhone and Roku must be connected through the same wifi.
  • Now proceed same procedure which you did earlier for enabling screen mirror on Roku (Go to the device setting and enable screen mirror).
  • On an iPhone 8 and earlier model, you need to swipe of from the bottom of your screen and iPhone X and other models just swipe down to open the control center on your iPhone ( You can also go to the setting option),
  • Simply click on the screen mirror icon.
  • It automatically finds all nearby devices for casting, and simply tap when your Roku device name appears on iPhone.
  • Once you tap on your Roku device, you may see a code appear on your TV.
  • Enter that code on your iPhone and click OK.
  • Now you are ready for casting from iPhone and open DISH ANYWHERE in your iPhone( Install Dish Anywhere from App store)
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Cast Dish Anywhere on Roku from Windows-

  • Your PC and Roku connected with the same WiFi.
  • Go to the device setting on Roku.
  • Enable the Screen mirroring option on your Roku device.
  • Now go to the website on your PC.
  • Navigate to the profile icon on the web page and it will ask for Online ID and Password.
  • After all, these, click log in.
  • Now you can enjoy any videos or content in Dish anywhere.
  • Press the right button of the mouse.
  • Click the Cast option.
  • Go to the Source drop and click on cast tabs only.
  • Now it scan all nearby device and clicks on your Roku device name if its name is shown on the list.

Here we have told you the method how you can stream “Dish Anywhere on Roku” device from mobile and computer.

Why screen mirroring option is not showing on my Roku?

By the way, in most of the devices of Roku, you will already get the feature of screen mirroring, but there are some Roku models in which it is not available. If you are using those models then you will not be able to enjoy the feature of mirror screening.

  • Roku model 3700 can’t support this feature.
  • Also, model 3710 is on the non-supporting list.
  • In the case of Roku model 3910, screen mirroring only supported on the HDMI output.

How to find the model of your device?

  1. Go to the setting option.
  2. Navigate to the System option and click it.
  3. At last, click on the About option (check out your model number).

Dish anywhere is not working properly-

  • If you are facing trouble while logging Dish Anywhere. So once, check that you are entering the same account that you have registered earlier, otherwise register another account on Dish Anywhere.
  • If you are facing buffering while streaming Dish anywhere, it means that your internet is very slow. You must at least need 3 Mb/s speed to stream smoothly.
  • A computer operating system can also disrupt “Disney Anywhere”. So you must have-
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1 -Microsoft Windows 7 or above 2- Macintosh OS X 10.9 or above for better performance.

  • Out of date browser can also conflict with Dish Anywhere while streaming, so update your browser before using Dish Anywhere.


Here we told you how you can connect Roku by casting from your device, hope that now you can easily enjoy Dish Anyware in your Roku device. Right now screen mirroring is the only way to stream the channels of Dish Anyware, but if there is an official app to be launched in the coming time, we will bring you ways to stream that too.

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