Easy ways to fix Darktide error code 2006.

In this guide, we will explain all the possible ways to fix Darktide error code 2006. Many users complained that while playing the Darktide game, they encounter the error code 2006 on the screen. It is really annoying to see such errors, and mainly it would not disappear until you close your game.

This guide will cover all the possible ways to tackle or get rid of the Darktide error code 2006 problem.

How to fix Darktide error code 2006?

Restart your game: –

Restarting your game is a widespread solution that you should not ignore. Many users have fixed their games with just a simple restart. That’s why we put this at the top of our list.

Check your internet: –

As you know, the Darktide game is an online game. So it required an internet connection to play it, but sometimes there are problems like an unstable connection or slow speed. Which leads the problems like Darktide error code 2006 on your screen.

Check your internet speed: – Use an online speed test like www.fast.com to measure your internet connection speed. Slow internet speed can cause lag or latency, which can impact the game’s performance.

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Use the Ethernet Cable: – It provides a more stable connection than aired mode. Ethernet is generally much faster and more reliable than Wi-Fi. Therefore, you should definitely try ethernet instead of Wi-Fi (if possible).

Reboot your router: –

Rebooting your router can help to fix the Darktide error code 2006 problem. Sometimes, the router cannot function well or did not perform that much.

  • Which can cause low latency.
  • Slow internet speed.
  • Range problem.

To fix this, you just need to plug out your router cable and then plug it in after a minute.

Check updates: –

Outdated games version can also be one of the reasons why you keep getting this error code 2006 frequently. Make sure to update your game, it will help to tackle many bugs and errors.

Reduce Worker thread number: –

Worker threads are used to run the game more efficiently. Basically, threads are used to increase the performance of the applications. Each thread has its personal task, program counter, stack, and set of registers.

Therefore, before starting to play the Darktide game. You can go to the settings and select the Worker thread option. Now reduce it to at least 2 or 3 threads.

Use VPN: –

Many users claimed that they fixed this error by using VPN on their PC. Basically, VPN helps to hide the user’s IP addresses and tackle or overpass network IP addresses to detect from the server.

Delete temporary Darktide data: –

Corrupted data can conflict with your device and cause errors like Darktide error code 2006.

  • Just press the Windows key and R simultaneously to get the Run.
  • Then simply type %appdata% in the given field.
  • Go to the Fatshark Folder.
  • Now delete the Darktide folder from the rest.
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Once you delete the folder, then launch the game again to check whether the Darktide error code 2006 is fixed or not.

Check your game server: –

Sometimes the problem is not from your side, but actually from the server side. So, there is nothing you can do to fix this, you can only wait until they fix their server.


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