How to fix the Manga Zone not working problem?

This guide helps you to fix all the common problems on your Manga Zone app like freezing, stuck while starting the Manga Zone app, unlimited loading, and Manga Zone not working. Manga Zone is one of the popular apps that allow users to read manga for free. It offers thousands of manga series for its users. Before we proceed to fix the Manga Zone not working problem, we must understand the actual reasons for these problems.

What are the reasons for the Manga Zone not working, freezing, and black screen problems?

  1. Temporary bugs.
  2. Slow internet speed.
  3. Wi-Fi is not active.
  4. You are not in the range of your router.
  5. Outdated Manga Zone app.
  6. Unwanted cache and data.
  7. Server down.

Simple methods to fix the Manga Zone not working problem-

Method 1- Close your Manga Zone app and re-launch it

  • At first, launch the Manga Zone app, and if Manga Zone not working problem persists.
  • Simply close the app by clicking the back button or the home button.
  • Clear phone RAM.
  • Now launch the Manga Zone app again.
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Method 2- Check your internet connection

  • Check your phone network first.
  • Make sure your phone has an active internet connection.
  • Perform a flight mode function.
  • Check your internet speed.
  • Reboot your router.
  • Clear all the obstacles between your phone and router.

Method 3- Reboot your phone

As you know, there are many temporary bugs temporarily stored on your app. Because of these temporary bugs, your app might show some misbehavior like freezing, unlimited loading, and sometimes even Manga Zone not working problem. To prevent or clear these temporary bugs, you have to reboot your device.


Step 1- Press the power button until the power menu will prompt on your screen.

Step 2- Select the Reboot/Restart option from the menu.

Step 3- Now your device will restart.

Step 4- After restarting, launch the Manga Zone app.


Step 1- Hold the side button and power button simultaneously until the power off slider prompts on your screen.

Step 2- Now drag the slider.

Step 3- Once your device will be turn off then press and hold the side button to Turn on your iOS device.

Step 4- Now launch the Manga Zone app.

Method 4- Update the Manga Zone app

The outdated Manga Zone app may conflict with your device and create problems while loading. Therefore, make sure to update the latest version of the Manga Zone app.


Step 1- Visit the Play Store on your Android phone.

Step 2- Hunt for the Manga Zone app and select it.

Step 3- On the next screen, click on the Update option (If available).

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Step 4- Once your Manga Zone app gets updated, then open the app.

Step 5- If still, these problems like freezing, stuck on the loading screen, and Manga Zone not working problem present on your device then proceed to our next method.


Step 1- Launch the Apple Store on your iPhone.

Step 2- Search for the Manga Zone app and select it.

Step 3- If there is an update available, then click on the update option.

Step 4- After updating, open the Manga Zone app.

Method 5- Clear cache and data

While using online apps, many times such unwanted data and cache gets stored in the app which later conflicts with your device. So you have to clear all such unwanted cache and data-

Step 1- Go to the Phone Settings.

Step 2- Locate the Apps option by scrolling down.

Step 3- Go to the Manage apps option.

Step 4- Select the Manga Zone app.

Step 5- Click on the Clear cache option at the bottom of your screen.

Method 6- Re-install the Manga Zone app

If even after following all the above methods you still got Manga Zone not working problem, then there is only one method left-

Step 1- At first, uninstall your Manga Zone app.

Step 2- Now go to the Play Store or App Store.

Step 3 Go to the Search icon and enter the “Manga Zone”.

Step 4- Select the Manga Zone app from the search result.

Step 5- Click on the install button.

Step 6- After installing, launch the Manga Zone app.

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I hope now you have got rid of this manga zone not working, freezing, and block screen problem. If you are still struggling with these problems, then it can only mean that the server of your manga zone app is down, due to which this problem is being presented. So you wait until your server is fine and you must visit our site to get such posts


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