How to fix Clash Royale stuck at 50%

Many Clash Royale players reported that they “stuck at 50% loading” when they start the game. “Clash Royale stuck at 50%” this error has become quite common after the 2019 update, even today you will have to face it sometimes.

This stuck of loading is too annoying for every user. It is not impossible to fix this, there are many users who already succeeded to open the game with their own solution. So, here we listed most of the steps by which you can definitely fix this.

Restart Clash Royale-

You should always follow this step first. In most cases, Simple Restart of Clash Royale can fix this “Clash Royale Game Stuck at 50%” error. It may be due to some bugs that can be the culprit for the “clash royale stuck at 50%” error at that time and it can be fixed by restart the game.

Check your Internet speed-

As you may know, Clash Royale is completely an online game, for which you need the internet to play it. Make sure to check your mobile’s internet connection is enabled or not.

If you have to face this problem even after enabling an internet connection, then definitely check your internet speed because even slow speed can be a reason for the “Clash Royale does not pass from the 50 %” issue.

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Use VPN-

If the internet is also working properly and still you have this problem then it means that this problem can also be related to your IP address. You can use a good VPN to solve this, many users have found a solution by doing so.

Clear Clash Royale cache and data-

If you do not find a solution even after following the steps given above, then corrupted data and files might be the reason for this game loading. Just simply clearing Clash Royale’s data and cache might help to fix this issue.

Follow these steps to clear Clash Royale’s cache and data-

  • Go to the setting option.
  • Scroll down until you find the Apps option, and click it.

  • Next, click on manage apps.

  • Now scroll down or search for Clash Royale.

  • Navigate to the clear data option and press it.

  • Click on both options.

Re-open Clash Royale, I hope it might fix the “Clash Royale Game Stuck at 50%” error. If not then move to the next step.

Check pending update of Clash Royale-

“Clash Royale stays at 50%” error even shows when the game is not up to date. So, make sure your Clash Royale is up to date, and before proceeding to further steps check whether any update is available or not.

  • Go to the Play Store, and search for Clash Royale.
  • If there is an update, click it immediately.

Disable Battery saver mode-

It might look strange to you but believe it “Battery saver mode” can also be also a culprit. This mode does not allow to play Clash Royale in high graphics settings, so it causes Clash Royale stuck during loading.

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Re-install Clash Royale-

If nothing going the right way it means that there is something wrong with your game (like some corrupted data or faulty files) so it is better to re-install Clash Royale.

Uninstalling the game will automatically eliminate all malicious data, and reinstalling will be a fresh start again. Uninstall the Clash Royale only if the steps given above will not able to solve your problem.

Restart your smartphone-

Why don’t you restart your smartphone, this can help to fix this error. Clash Royale is not always the culprit, sometimes your smartphone can also play that role. Due to any bugs or corrupted data in your smartphone can arises this loading issue, so it is better that you restart your phone.

By restarting, you will automatically clear all the bugs active at that time and open Clash Royale again

  • Simply hold the power button for a couple of seconds until the power option appears.
  • Click the Restart or reboot option.




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Try different Wi-Fi –

Many times your Wi-Fi is not supported with Clash Royale, by which Clash Royale won’t load past 50. If you have another Wi-Fi or mobile internet available, then check whether it working on another Wi-Fi or not.

And try to be very close to the Wi-Fi zone so that your phone receives high network strength.

Server issue-

If even after applying all the steps, you do not find a solution for this. Then this will definitely not from our side, maybe it will fault from the Clash Royale server. You can contact your clan mates whether they also encounter this “clash royale stuck at 50%” or not.

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So it would be better if you wait for some time till they solve this problem themselves.


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