How to fix pinnacle game profiler not opening in Windows?

Many people claimed that they had to face difficulty in launching Pinnacle Game Profiler in the beginning. All this has happened not just once but quite often. So here we discuss how you can fix Pinnacle Game Profiler not opening in Windows issues in a couple of minutes-

Before proceeding to fix this issue, we must understand first what Pinnacle Game Profiler is. Only then we can move ahead to fix it.

What is Pinnacle Game Profiler (PGP)?

Many computers do not directly support most of the game controllers, so the developer created a program that easily supports almost all game controllers such as a gamepad, Xbox 360, PlayStation, and many other game controllers directly. The name of that program is Pinnacle Game Profiler (PGP), it allows users to directly access their favorite games by these gaming controllers on their PC.

Causes of Pinnacle Game Profiler not opening in Windows

There is no single reason behind this, on which we can lay all the blame. There are multiple reasons which play their roles for not opening Pinnacle Game Profiler. Here we discuss some of the main causes why the Pinnacle Game Profiler not opening-

  • The outdated version of the Pinnacle Game Profiler must be one of the big reasons.
  • Third-party antivirus can also conflict with the software.
  • Corrupted data and files are also involved in this error.
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How to Fix Pinnacle Game Profiler not Opening in Windows?

1 – Disable your Antivirus-

In most of these cases, your antivirus conflict with Pinnacle Game Profiler, due to which you have to face this problem. If you want to find a solution instead of uninstalling your antivirus, then you have only one option left “disable your antivirus”. Many people also claimed that they got rid of this problem after disabling antivirus.

Follow these steps to disable Antivirus-

  • Simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys or you can click the right mouse button to proceed to the Taskbar.

  • Now, navigate to the Startup option for next move and click it.

  • At last, locate your Antivirus icon and click the Right mouse button. Finally, click Disable option.

  • Simply restart your PC and check whether the pinnacle game profiler not opening fixed or not. If you still encounter this error then read our next method to resolve this.

2 – Launch Pinnacle Game Profiler as an Administrator-

  • Locate Pinnacle Game Profiler and click the right mouse button.
  • Click the Properties option.
  • Navigate to the Compatibility option and click it.
  • Now, click on the option “Run this program as an administrator “.

  • Click OK option after pressing APPLY option.
  • Now launch your app and check whether the problem resolve or not.

3 – Check Update-

The outdated version of PGP can be one reason why you are still facing “Pinnacle Game Profiler not opening in Windows”. So you can check this by updating the software once.

  • Press Win + R keys continuously to open the RUN dialogue box.
  • Now, type appwiz.cpl in empty cells and press enter.
  • Scroll down until you find Pinnacle Game Profiler and press the right mouse button.
  • Select Uninstall/Change option.
  • Select Update Pinnacle installation option for proceeding next move.
  • If there is any update remaining, it automatically Updates your App otherwise press finish.
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4 – Reset Time and Date-

You may find it strange to hear this method, but many people have claimed that they have got rid of this problem by resetting the time. So here we explain how you can adjust Time and Date.

  • Go to the search box.
  • Type Date and Time and press enter.
  • If Set Time Automatically option is enabled then disable it, before changing time.
  • Now, go to the Change Date and Time option.

  • Simply adjust any alternative day or time and press change.
  • After resetting the time and date, launch your app to check.

5 – Reinstall Pinnacle Game Profiler-

If after applying all the above methods, you still facing this error then Re-installing the app is one last option. Sometimes software can be stored by corrupted data and files, so this corrupted data can one of the main reasons why is Pinnacle Game Profiler not Opening in Windows?

Uninstalling the app can automatically clear all the data present in the software. Re-installing the software will give it a fresh start. Neither will there be any corrupted data, not any such files.

Launch Pinnacle Game Profiler again, I hope this issue resolved after re-installing the software.

Alternative of Pinnacle Game Profiler-

If any of the above solutions could not solve your problem then it would be better for you to switch from this software to another one. Here we mention the 5 best alternatives to Pinnacle Game Profiler (PGP).



You should try the initial method first, only then proceed to the next method. Most people fixed the issue easily by following all these methods. Of, despite following all these methods, you have not got success, then you have no other option than to leave it.

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