how to increase jio speed 2021

27 December 2015 is the day when the Internet revolution took place in India, on this day Reliance launched Jio in India. From that day to 31 December 2019 Jio become the largest mobile operator in India with over 388 million users

Perhaps, the biggest problem of 2020 is the slow speed of Jio along with the virus, where everyone is unhappy with the virus, the Jio user is also disappointed with the speed of Jio along with the virus.

After all, it is also fair to be disappointed, this time the speed of Jio has come down by 60%.

Due to the Corona epidemic, many people are doing work from home and all the children are also doing online classes at home. Due to slow speed, all of them must be facing some or the other problem

Let us first find out why there is a problem with the speed after April 2020?

All network operator towers have a default data speed adjustment.

One of the main reasons for this is that The number of jio users has increased a lot now in your area.

Due to the deficiency of towers and the increasing population of people, the speed of the tower’s data has decreased significantly.

Don’t worry, there are many ways to get rid of low speed so that you can enjoy good speed from home.

These 3 tricks surely help you

1-Band Coverage

2-APN setting-

3- Surprise Trick

1-Band Coverage

The band is basically a network frequency at which a network service provider provides connections to its subscribers.

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Few change in Band coverage can increase your speed

  • Dial- *#*#4636#*#*
  • Select the option phone information(in which you inserted your jio sim either 1 and 2 slot)

  • Click the “Set preferred network type”

  • Change it to “LTE Only”

2-APN setting-

There is also one method you can change your APN setting

  • Go to the Sim card setting
  • Select APN ( Access Point Names)
  • Click on APN and edit it
  • Follow each step given below in picture

3- Surprise Trick

This trick is known to very few people if the speed of your Jio is not stable even after doing all this.

Then do this

If while you are running the Internet, at the same time you call someone (jio user/non-jio user) with jio SIM, you will see that your internet speed will increase by 30 to 40%

I am using this since June and it is 100% working for me to try this. I also show you some proof of this.

I test my mobile Internet speed in world-famous “ookla speed test”

ookla website
  • Without calling

without call
test by ooklaa without calling

It’s my jio internet speed without calling

  • With calling someone

after calling
Speed test in Okla After calling

From 1.55mb/s to 6.38mb/s with this trick, you can see an increase jio speed

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