How to make a discord server private on a computer

Discord offers every user to create their private server, where the user can add their selected buddies and also can manage to set permission for every member.

There are many things that you just want to be limited to you and your friends, so private discord is quite appropriate in this.

So today we will learn How to make a discord server private on a computer, read all the steps carefully before proceeding.

These steps help you to teach-

How to make a discord server private

  • First, open your Discord app (blue and white game controller icon labeled). If this app is not showing on the desktop then you can search this app in your Windows menu, and on mac, you can search in your Launchpad.
  • If you use a browser instead of using the Discord app, then open this link-
  • After you open the app, you will see all your server icons on the left side of the screen. Select the particular server that you want to private.

  • After clicking on that server you will get 2 icons right side of the server channel’s name, in which you have to click on the gear icon.

  • Next, you will see many options, among them all you have to do is only click on the “Permission” option.

  • After clicking on the “Permission” option, you have to choose the “@everyone” option further, if it is already selected, skip it.
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  • If you see a “private channel” option after clicking Permission, then enable it.

  • Now click “Red X” on the right panel of the available options so that your discord channel becomes private.

  • After selecting all the options, you have to click on the Save Changes option in green color in the right corner, so that your settings will be saved.
  • When you make your channel private, all your existing users will be automatically removed, you will have to manually add them.
  • Now click the “+” in the right side of the ROLES/MEMBERS option, and next select particular user to add in your channel.

  • After this, Discord also offers you to set various permission for the selected user like Read messages, Send messages, Attach files, Add reaction.
  • So as an admin, you have the ability to set any particular permission disallow or allow for that selected user. You have to click on the “green right sign” to enable the permission and the “red X” to disable it.

  • After selecting all the permission options, click on the “Save Changes” option on the bottom right side, and you can add more new users by repeating this process.

I hope by following these steps you can easily learn- how to make a private discord channel.

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