How to Stream and Activate Syfy on Roku?

Today in this article, we will learn how to stream the SYFY on Roku. It is quite easy, for this you do not need to do much, see all the steps given below and follow each step correctly. There are about 50 million active users every month on the Roku device, which makes it one of the popular streaming devices of America. And on the other hand, we have the SYFY channel which is one of the favorite channels of many people. Before we proceed to the path to explain “How to install and activate SYFY on Roku”, we should at least explain a little bit about what SYFY is?

What is Syfy?

SYFY (Sci-fi) is a part of NBCUniversal Television, which established in 1992. SYFY provides live streaming, the latest movies, on-demand shows, and a huge collection of variant categories to its users. In which you will find genres full of science fiction, fantasy, horror, supernatural and paranormal programming.

You get an additional benefit, along with streaming SYFY. You can access to its sister channels (13th Street, CNBC Europe, DreamWorks Channel, Movies 24, Sky News) to live stream.

How to Stream and Activate Syfy on Roku?

  • Turn on your Roku device.
  • Go to the Home screen and locate the Streaming channels option.
  • Go to the Search Channels option and type “Syfy” in the empty field with the help of an on-screen keyboard.
  • Now, select SYFY from the search results.
  • Simply tap on the Add Channel option, for installing SYFY on your Roku device.
  • After installing SYFY, launch the channel.
  • Log in with NBCUniversal Profile.
  • An activation code will appear on your screen. Note it down somewhere or else you can pause your screen right there.
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Note- All the above steps are for installing and adding SYFY on your Roku device. Further methods are for activating SYFY.

  • After visiting this website, you will be asked to enter the activation code. You have to enter your activation code here.
  • After filling the activation code in the respective field, then simply tap on the Continue option.
  • Now, press on the Sign Up with email option and enter your email address, password, and other informative details and agree to NBCUniversal’s terms of service.
  • After filling in all these details, click on the Sign Up option and your account will be created.
  • Now select or search your TV provider from the given list and follow all the upcoming prompts.
  • After a while, you are ready to stream Syfy on Roku device.

Is SYFY’s service free of cost?

Yes, this channel is absolutely free of cost and you can also download the SYFY app for free. It comes with your regular TV subscription.

How to fix SYFY not working?

  1. Restart your device-

Sometimes due to a temporary error, it can create problems in SYFY. And this problem can be solved by a simple restart. Whenever you feel any problem regarding SYFY in your Roku or any other devices.

First, try the restart option, and if you still have problems then go to the next step.

  1. Computer System requirement-

Many users claimed that they got stuck while using SYFY on the computer. So in most such cases, it is the problem cause neither by the side of SYFY nor any of your hardware. It is a matter of fact that your computer’s operating system does not support SYFY, due to which you have to face this error.

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Requirements for streaming SYFY on a computer.

  • Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • OS X Mountain Lion, Mavericks, and Yosemite
  1. Check your Internet connection-

An internet connection is mandatory for streaming the SYFY channel on any streaming device (eg Roku, Fire Stick, Xbox, and computer). Without an internet connection, we will not be able to access these channels nor streams. It is not only necessary to have an internet connection, but a better speed is also very important, otherwise, you may face a problem like buffering while streaming.

  1. Clear cache and data-

It has been seen many times that due to cache and data corruption, you may have to face many problems while streaming.

For this reason, you may have to face problems like an intermittent video stuck and channel loading delay. One way to avoid this is that you keep clearing your data and cache from time to time.

  • How to clear Data or cache on Roke device?
  1. Disable extensions

Yes, many people who stream the SYFY channel from Google Chrome have claimed that they have faced many problems like not loading of channels and freezing. Sometimes it has been seen that third party extensions and add-ons are conflicted with Google Chrome, due to which they create interruption during streaming.

One way to prevent such interruption is to identify and disable such extensions. For this, you should turn off and check all the extensions one by one, by which you can catch the real culprit.

  1. Re-install or update SYFY

If any of the above methods do not help you in any way, then you must check once that the SYFY app is out of date or not. Otherwise, update SYFY first and then stream it.

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If the problem persists even after a full update, then you should try to reinstall the app once, if there is any corrupted data then it will be removed while reinstalling the process.

  1. Contact your SYFY care

Final words-

We briefly explained to you how you can stream and activate SYFY on Roku device. We hope that you will understand all the steps that we have told you. Follow all the steps from the beginning and if you stuck at any steps then definitely ask us.

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