How to stream Twitch on Roku?

Before proceeding to learn how to stream twitch on Roku device we must first understand what actually “twitch” is?

What is Twitch?

Twitch is especially dedicated towards gamers, it is basically a live-streaming platform for gamers and other lifestyle casters. Twitch was launched at the beginning of 2011, since then, more than 3 million users are part of it. Twitch offers a wide range of features to their streamers so that they can easily interact with its subscribers, this is what makes it better than its opponents like YouTube and Facebook gaming.

A lot of people also use twitch to watch their favorite streamers playing live, there will be a lot of famous streamers like-

1: Ninja.

2: Shroud.

3: TSM_Myth.

4: Tfue.

5: Summit1g.

6: Riot Games.

7: TimTheTatman.

8: Dakotaz

Watching your favorite streamers play is a really enjoyable experience. As we now know a lot about twitch, so let’s move on to the feature that keeps it ahead of its opponents.

Features of Twitch-

  • In this, you will not find random viewers on the rest of the platform. In this, you will see only those selective people who are fond of watching gaming.
  • You can live chat while streaming your favorite gameplay.
  • Twitch also offers to broadcast your own gameplay with other users.
  • Have a large category to stream favorite games.
  • Browse your favorite streamer and subscribe to them for upcoming live streaming videos.
  • Watch live videos, exciting gameplay, and interviews.

Is twitch available on Roku?

No, Amazon has removed the twitch from the Roku device few months ago, due to which you can no longer use the twitch in your Roku device. But just a few weeks after Amazon’s removal, many new unofficial private channels popped up which can help you to stream twitch to your Roku device.

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Users who were already using twitch will also be disconnected after some time. Right now the “worldreboot on GitHub” is at the forefront of telecasting twitch, they have developed twitch related (twoku). At the moment it is still in its initial phase and there is much improvement needed in it but still, it is quite good in its work.

How to watch twitch on Roku?

As I earlier said there is no official twitch channel present at this time to stream anymore so, we need to move on the alternative to twitch. Twoku lets you log in to your Twitch account and watch your favorite streamers as well.

1-How to add Twoku on Roku-

Follow these steps to add Twoku channel to your Roku device so that you can easily stream Twitch.

  • Go to
  • Simply a login page will appear on your screen, click sign in after filling in your email address and password for proceeding to the next move.
  • After signed in, enter twoku in the empty places of the channel access code and press on the Add channel option.
  • The non-verified channel Warning will appear on your screen, neglect it and press OK for the next step.
  • Now, click the “Yes, add channel” option to add Twoku on Roku account.
  • Next, a “CHANNEL ADDED” message pop on your screen, simply restart your Roku device and you will be able to see that the twoku channel has been added to your channel store (Internet connection must be needed).
  • If somehow twoku channel is not add to your channel list then follow these steps-
  1. Go to the Setting option.
  2. Navigate to the System option and click it.
  3. Next, click on the System update option.
  4. At last click on Check now.
  5. Twoku will now be added to your channel list.

Features of Twoku-

  • In this, you can write and read Twitch chat while watching the stream.
  • You can easily search and watch whole categories of twitch channels from the search menu.
  • Twoku also offers you to log in to your twitch account so that you can see all your follow lists.
  • It gives you a much better user-interface.
  • It offers you to Fast-forward and rewinds feature on twitch streaming by using Roku remote.
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How twoku works?

After you install the twoku on your Roku device, and when you launch it for the first time, you will be automatically promoted to another page. It does not even ask you to log in for watching twitch streaming, it depends on your choice whether you agree to log in or not.

In Case of login you just need to enter your previous twitch username, and twoku automatically fetches all previous data and followed the channel as well. There is neither hassle of password nor to find the channel manually.

You will find the same atmosphere as twitch. As you search videos through the search bar, the choice of your favorite categories, everything is the same. So you will not feel like anything new and easily get comfortable in this environment.

Are there any alternative to Twoku –

Initially, all users were able to access twitch with the help of Twitched and Twitched Zero but both of them have since been discontinued after Amazon moved from Twitch to Roku.

But after that, with the help of TTV, many people have enjoyed the streams of twitch. But now it is also in no use, this method has also been discontinued. At the moment, it is very difficult to find any better option than twoku.

Twoku is not working-

  • Like I said earlier, the twoku is currently in its initial phase, due to which there are many bugs in it, which will be cleared in the upcoming updates.
  • Internet might be also the culprit in this scenario. You must have at least 5MB/s to watch twitch videos without buffering. You can also enjoy streams in the high HD quality of 1080, but your speed must be more than about 15 Mb / s.
  • Follow all procedures again, and check out the system update option on twitch Roku.
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The disadvantage of Twoku-

  • While playing streaming videos, you can’t chat directly from the channel.
  • Due to being in the initial phase, there are a lot of bugs present.
  • Sometimes some features can also be delayed for a while.


The twitch is in great demand and many people have been disappointed since the twitch departure from Roku. So here we prescribed how you can watch twitch on Roku easily. Follow each step to add twitch on Roku. We give you a very brief detail about how you can add.

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