Windows vs Mac vs Linux

This is a definitely controversial topic that who is better among all three?

According to my, which is better(Windows, Mac OS, and Linux) to tell is not a solution, but for which work purpose you will use them, it is more important, it is definitely a solution to say this. We all have a different requirement, according to which one of these would be better for us as some of us wants a computer for gaming, Programming, Editing, writing, and small daily uses also.

Yes, it will be absolutely right. The answer depends on what you want to do with computer

  • These three are the masters of their respective fields
  • There is no doubt that apart from these, some other operating systems will be able to survive in their respective field.
  • All three of them have their advantage and disadvantage

Now let’s talk about them individually


Windows Laptop

History- I think at this time there will be someone who does not know “Bill Gates”.

He is the founder of Windows Operating Systems


  • Bill Gates introduced Microsoft windows on 10/NOV/1983
  • In 20/NOV/1985 Windows 1.0 was introduced, which was a hit at that time
  • In 9/DEC/1987 Windows 2.0 was introduced in an event
  • In 1990 Windows 3.0 was introduced after windows /286 was introduced 2 years ago
  • In 1995 Windows 95 was released, 1 million copy sold in only 4 days
  • In OCT/2001 Windows XP was released, which is the most reliable operating system at that time even some computers are also using XP right now .
  • In 2007 windows vista was introduced only for the corporate sector but after one year in 2008 Vista was released for general people also.
  • In 22/OCT/2009 Windows 7 was introduced after 3 year Windows 8 was also introduced in 2012
  • In 29/JULY/2015 Windows 10 is introduced

Advantage of windows operating system

1-Easy to use –Windows are the most user friendly among all three that’s why 78% of computer users are using windows operating systems in the world. You can easily handle all versions of Windows because all versions of windows have something common in it which makes users easy to shift from one version to another version, this is a really good advantage.

2-Support for all hard drives-Most of the hard drives available in the market are compatible with Windows OS.

3-Softwares-Windows platforms are favorable for software developers because of the dominance of Windows in the world. If you are fond of using more software then “windows” is perfect for you

4-Gaming-Majority of games are made for Windows platform due to the majority of people. If you are fond of playing games then this is truly heaven for you. Windows support most of the available at that time.

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5-Plug and play features-most of the hardware detect automatically, you don’t have to install hardware manually. When you plug in any hardware like (webcam, mouse, keyboard) it can easily detect and connect automatically, you don’t have to worry.

Disadvantage of Windows

  1. VIRUS-this is obvious if you have a large number of users, then there are lots of hackers attacks also happen in a large amount. Windows are open source then there is lots of chance when you are installing any software from the Internet than Viruses also come with it.
  2. Paid software- The majority of good games, software, editing tools are paid high amounts.
  3. Hangs up- if you are doing multiple programs at the same time then there is a chance that you can face some slowdown and hangs in tabs.
  4. Poor security-As in security purpose Windows is at the bottom in comparison to Linux and Mac. The security system is weak in windows without any Genuine Anti-Virus in windows are like you are riding Bike without Helmets, so remember always install genuine anti-virus in your windows.
  5. Good specs-If you want to run your computer smoothly then you need at least more than 8 GB ram, lots of hard space, and a good GPU.

2-Mac OS –

Mac Operating system

Mac OS is developed by American Company Apple Inc. in 1985 one year before windows are introduced.

The OS is introduced to run the company’s Macintosh line of personal Computer.

Mac OS is based on the UNIX operating system and it developed by NeXT COMPANY between 1985 to 1997.NeXT Company was created by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

In 1997 Apple purchased NeXT Company


  • Mac OS X server 1.0 was introduced in 16/March/1999 (Code name is “HERA”)
  • Mac OS X Public Beta was released in13 /Sep/2000 (Code name “Codiack”)
  • Mac OS X 10.0 was release in 24/March/2001 (Code name “Cheetah”)it supports 32bit Power PC
  • Mac OS X 10.2 was released in 24/August/2002 (Code name “Jaguar”) and it was the first PC in Mac which support 32/64 bit
  • Mac OS X 10.4 was released in 29/April/2005 (Code name “Cheetah”) it was firs Mac which supports Intel along with 32/64 bit.
  • Mac OS X 10.8 was released in 25/July/2012 (Code name “Mountain Lion”) it only supports 64 bit Intel
  • Mac OS 10.15 was released in 7/OCT/2019 (Code name “Catalina”) It was the latest version at that time available in Mac series.

Advantages of Mac OS

  1. Simple User Interface- Yes this is probably one of the biggest advantages of Mac OS, that there interface is really clean and simple. Apps are generally downloaded via the App store, so you don’t have to panic where you have to download this App. If you are using Apple phone and IPad then you are familiar with Mac OS there is lots of similarities between them.
  2. Security-Regarding of security Mac OS is ahead of Windows OS. The Mac OS generally shows more updates than other OS apps. The security is good because in Mac we generally download software from Apps store so chances of viruses interaction is very low.
  3. Compatibility with apple device-If you are using the IOS interface like ( iPhone, IPad )than you seriously Love Mac interface because of their similarities and data synch rousing is very easy in-between devices.
  4. Software-Most of the well-performing software available in the market is also available for Mac OS. It performs seamlessly in this device
  5. Defaults-When I use Mac Book first time, I was quite impressed at first sight.BY looking at its default browser (Safari), one of the best video editor (iMovie)and photo editor(photo)
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The disadvantage of Mac OS

  1. Games-One of a major disadvantage Which I feel as a user of Mac OS is Fewer games are available for this.
  2. User interface- It is compatible but if you never used any Apple products ever than you may face problems in interaction that’s why only 17.07% are users are in the world which is the second-highest after windows OS.
  3. Limited Apps-Not like Windows, Mac have very less amount of Apps because of less number of users in comparison to windows. Software developer makes few apps for Mac OS or you cannot use 3rd party hardware support.
  4. Expensive-Basically Mac OS is available in basically Apple device only, Apple device is very much expensive so this OS indirectly costly in price. But you can also use it in the non-Apple device also but this is illegal.


Linux Operating system

Linux operating system was created in 1991 by Finnish Software engineer Linux Torvalds and Free Software Foundation (FSF)

While he was a student at the University of Helsinki, he was developing Linux as same as the system MINIX, which run on UNIX operating system.


  • The Linux Kernel is publically announced in 25/Aug/1991 when the founder’s Torvalds age is only 21 Year old.
  • In 1994 Linux released version 1.0
  • IN 1996 Linux released kernel version 2.0
  • In 1998 many big companies like IBM, Compaq and oracle come to the support of Linux development.
  • In 2001 kernel version 2.4 is released.
  • Version 3.0 is released in 2011
  • In 2019 kernel version 5.0 is introduced which is latest in the market now.

Advantage of Linux

1-Open source-I thinks this is one of the best advantages among all of them. The Operating system is free and fully open-source, its source code is easily available. Anyone who is good at Coding can upgrade, enhance, and distribute codes for any purpose.

2-Protection and privacy- If you always aware of your privacy and security then this is for you, at that time this is the best secure OS available in market .there are very few viruses made for Linux in comparison to their opponents(windows and mac OS)and you don’t need any Anti-Virus

3-Low specs-If you don’t have a higher ram or processor don’t worry Linux is here for you. Linux is low weighted OS so it can easily support low specs and it can easily run on it. Most of the version in Linux can run smoothly in 128 MB ram which is a masterstroke by Linux.

4-Tasking and installing-It are capable of doing multitask very smoothly without any effect on system speed. It can take very little time on installing OS in the device.

5-Programming-If you are programmers then this is for you. Linux is specially made for programmers because it can support all major programming language like (C, C++, Java, Perl, Ruby, etc.)

The disadvantage of Linux-

1-Drives-One of drawbacks of Linux is that most of the hard drives in the market are available only for Windows and Mac OS. There are very few which are available for Linux OS.

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2-Games-If you are Game lover then this OS is strictly not for you. It does not support the majority of Games.

3-Software-there are also lacks of some famous and powerful software like MS office, video editor and image editor ( Photoshop ) is not available instead of this Linux have low powerful apps.

4-User friendly-If you don’t have any knowledge about programming then this is not suitable for you because of windows and Mac OS have better user-friendly interaction.

That’s why only 1.87% of users are using Linux in allover the world.

Now talks about users in





5-North America

6-South America




Now let’s talk about which OS got the first position

Operating system

Windows OS

Mac OS


Open-source Second Third First
Security and Privacy Third Second First
Gaming First Second Third
Less Specification Second Third First
Multitasking Third Second First
Speed Third Second First
User Friendly Second First Third
Supports First Second Third
Users First Second Third
Quality Second First Third

Here we put all advantages and disadvantages of all of them so what type of features you actually need is most important if you want computers for games than go for Games.

if you want good security as well as a good interface than go for Mac OS and if you want low weighted OS then go for Linux. The choice is your which one is best for you.

Comment below which OS are you using right now

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