How to fix myJDW app not working problem?

In this article, we explain all the possible ways to solve myJDW app not working or loading issues. myJDW app allows to schedule your work time. You will get instant real-time updated and view your up-to-date rota in real-time.

Why myJDW app not working?

There are following reasons that can cause myJDW app not working.

Bugs on myJDW app

There are many temporary bugs that can conflict with your device and create loading issue.

Corrupted data and cache on myJDW app

There may be a corrupted data store in your app, due to which your app may not be able to load and work properly.

Slow internet speed

Due to slow internet, the app might take too much time to load.

Outdated version of myJDW app

An outdated version of myJDW can cause compatibility issues and create a conflict between the app and Smartphone.

How to fix myJDW app not working problem?

Method 1: – Restart your myJDW app.

Step 1– Go to your app.

Step 2– Press the back button and confirm the exit option or you can also

Step 3- Once you are in the home screen.

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Step 4- Clear all the memory from your Smartphone.

Step 5- Then launch myJDW app again.

Method 2: – Clear cache and data.

Android device: –

Step 1- Go to your Smartphone settings.

Step 2- Scroll down and click on the Apps option.

Step 3- Select the manage apps or storage.

Step 4- Search for myJDW app and select it.

Step 5- Go to the clear cache option in the bottom of your screen.

Step 6- Click on the Clear data and Clear cache option.

iOS device: –

Step 1- At first, go to the iOS settings.

Step 2- Scroll down until you found myJDW app and select it.

Step 3- Now scroll down.

Step 4- Now choose Clear temp data on next start.

Step 5- Then launch the app.

Method 3: – Restart your Smartphone.

Step 1- Press the power button until power menu appears on your Smartphone screen.

Step 2- Select the Reboot/Restart option from the power menu.

Step 3- Once your device completed rebooting process then launch the myJDW app again.

Method 4: – Check your internet connection.

Step 1- Make sure you are connected to an active internet connection.

Step 2- Your speed must be above 2mb/s.

Step 3- Try any other network or router.

Step 4- Disable VPN (if using anyone).

Method 5: – Update your myJDW app.

Step 1- Go to your respective store on your Smartphone.

Step 2- Choose myJDW app from your store.

Step 3- Click on the Update button (If available).

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Step 4- It takes a while to complete updating process.

Step 5- Then launch the app.

Method 6: – Reinstall myJDW app.

Step 1- First, uninstall myJDW app from your Smartphone.

Step 2- Go to the Play Store (Android user) or App Store (iOS user).

Step 3- Hunt for the myJDW app from the search bar.

Step 4- On the next screen, click on the install button.

Step 5- After installing launch the app.


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