Best Android Games for Children

At this time, the smartphone is not only used for SMS and calls but also used for learning new things and a whole package of entertainment. Nowadays we easily get any information, that too sitting at home. There are a lot of mobile apps and games, which also gives knowledge of entertainment. You will definitely … Read more

Most secure messaging app 2021

Today, we use more messaging app to communicate with people in any corner of the world. Messaging app has made our communication much easier and convenient, Now we do not have to wait for a long time to connect with anyone, we can send messages anywhere in a pinch. Today we all exchange millions of … Read more

What happens if I reboot my phone

Even today there are many people who still believe in this myth that rebooting the mobile will erase all the data of their mobiles. In fact, I saw my own friend, who was “switch off” his phone and then “switch on” his phone to restart his mobile. On my asking, he repeated the same myth. … Read more

Best game available on Playstore

The gaming industry is flourishing at this moment, and every year its revenue continues to grow significantly. Mobile gaming is also a part of the same industry, Mobile gaming is getting much better now whether you talk about their graphics or creativity in games. Every year, there are many changes in mobile gaming, which is … Read more

how to increase jio speed 2021

jio speed

27 December 2015 is the day when the Internet revolution took place in India, on this day Reliance launched Jio in India. From that day to 31 December 2019 Jio become the largest mobile operator in India with over 388 million users Perhaps, the biggest problem of 2020 is the slow speed of Jio along … Read more