Most secure messaging app 2021

Today, we use more messaging app to communicate with people in any corner of the world.

Messaging app has made our communication much easier and convenient, Now we do not have to wait for a long time to connect with anyone, we can send messages anywhere in a pinch.

Today we all exchange millions of messages every year, which includes a lot of confidential and personal chats.

Every user is concern about his privacy and security, nobody wants their personal data to leak. There are many third parties app which sells its user’s data into the black market and government can also store personal data of people.

You will be surprised to know that even famous apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are not so secure because these apps do not use end to end encryption.

What is “end to end encryption”?

In which only the sender and receiver can read the message and no one, even the service provider can’t read it. For everyone else, this message will be in a coded form, and when the user receives the message then it will be decoded automatically and the receiver will be able to read this.

Now we talk about those apps which are quite secure.

All these applications offer “end-to-end encryption”.

Our team has made a list of all these applications by assessing their safety and privacy features. Most applications in our list are free and you can also download them from any corner of the world. These are compatible with mobiles and computers but some of these apps are definitely made for mobiles only.

Here are the 8 best secure messaging app-





5-Wickr Me

6- Viber


8-Pryvate Now



Price- Free

Features- open-source, Group chat, Self-destruction message support, video calls, encrypted sticker, and many more.

User- 10 million-plus download




Signal app is known in the market for its excellent privacy and this application’s main priority is to keep secure its user data.

Signal always enable “end to end encryption” in default, even the user can’t disable this option and the signal does not have keys for decrypting your data so the company never gets access to read out your data.

This app has a simple and easy interface, and it is also very fast, despite being free, you will not get any ad, web tracking, and affiliate marketing link in it. The signal is completely open-source and all its earnings are from donations and investments.

The signal app has given its user a feature for further security in which the user can able to choose different disappearing message intervals for conservation which are saved in the chat history. All these features place the first rank in our most secure messaging app list.

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Features-Photo, video & document sharing, free video calls, free group chats, group video call, and many more

Users- over 5 billion downloads




WhatsApp is the most famous app on my list, you must have used this app at some time, or else are still using it. This was one of the first apps that implement this featured “end-to-end encryption” in conversation.

WhatsApp does not store any of its user’s data on its server, so if somehow WhatsApp will be hacked, your data will still safe. It also warns you when end-to-end encryption is disabled from any particular conversation.

You also have an option, in which all your chats will be stored in the cloud (Android or iOS), you can enable and disable it whenever you want. Open Whisper Systems developed an encryption protocol for WhatsApp as well as Signal.

One of the best characteristics of WhatsApp is the ability to “delete for everyone” feature, If you have sent the wrong message to someone, then you can permanently delete that message in few minutes from your and recipient phones.


Price- $3

Features- Anonymous chatting, Password protected chats, creating polls, group chats, minimum data use and many more.

Users- 1 million-plus(* from google play-store)



Threema is another highly secure app on our list, its only purpose is to keep all your data safe. This is the perfect app to do secret and sensitive messages, and all its features make it a perfect contender.

In this, if the message is received by the recipient, then after some time the message will delete at once.

In this you get a great feature, you will need neither phone number nor email id to create your account in it and which is very important in terms of security. To hide the identity of the user, this app will provide you an anonymous account, so that no data of yours will be in danger.

You will be given a unique id by the Threema app, which you will get in the form of a QR code. Due to being a paid app, it doesn’t track you and does not place any kind of ads. This can be definitely a perfect choice for a secure messaging app.


Price- Free

FeaturesNo limits on the size of media, large group forms, self-destruction of message, send any type files and many more.

Users- 500 million-plus(* From Google play-store) 



Telegram is entitled to get a fourth place due to its many merits. It does not already have “end-to-end encryption” activates, so for more security, you have to go into a secret mode and activate it. For more security, have a conversation in “secret chat”, if you delete any message on your side, it will be automatically destroyed on that side too.

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In this, you get the option of self-destructing, in which your message is automatically destroyed immediately after receiving the recipient and in this, you can set a timer when your data will destroy after receiving the recipient.

In this, you can exchange large files and also make a group of about 200000 users. Telegram provides faster speed in delivers messages, and at the same time, you can customize it with great comfort.

5-Wickr Me

Price- Plans ($0 to $25)

Features-Open source, Self-destruction data, sharing images, videos, and files safely, group messaging, teleconference, and many more.

Users-5 Million plus( From google-play-store)



Wickr app is known for its customer privacy and considerable security. It is completely open-source and doesn’t require a phone number or email id for registration, which keeps your identity completely anonymous.

Encryption is already enabled in this, due to which no one except the recipient can read your message. In this too, you get the feature of self-destruction, from which you can destroy your message whenever you want, Also it will automatically be deleted in the recipient’s mobile too.

It does not store any of your personal data like address, contact list, and metadata associated with your communication.

This application is an outstanding player in the terms of security and privacy. So, you can use it as a secure messaging app.

6- Viber

Price- Free

Features-Groups message, HD video calls, Self-delete, Fast delivered message, voice notes, and many more.

Users-500 million-plus(*From Google play-store)



Viber is also one of the well-known messaging apps all over the world. This will allow you to full encryption on chat or calls by default and all your data is absolutely safe: Even Viber does not have the key to decrypt it.

You can also set self-destruct for every individual message in your chat box, after your message is read it automatically delete from both of your phones and recipient phone.

You can also add a security pin in your any of your chat list so that no one is able to access it and you can also talk to someone anonymously without the need to exchange or expose yours or their phone numbers.

Even if the recipient has read or not the message, you can still delete the message on both sides.



Features-Live video available, Shake it function available, sharing image, video, document, and many more.

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Users- 500 million-plus(* From google play-store)



LINE was created in 2011 by Japanese developers, now which is a very popular messaging app. In this also the feature of full encrypt is available, but it is disabled by default, which you will have to enable first.

Because of being encrypted, no third party can read your message, even the “line” itself cannot read it and this greatly increases your security and keeps your data absolutely safe.

It also has a self-destruct feature, from which you can auto-delete any of your read messages on your and the recipient’s mobile phone.

You can hide your chats on your mobile which no one else can read, you can also add another layer of security by applying pin code on App.

8-Pryvate Now

Price- Free

Features-Distributed application portal, anti-blocking tech, unlimited calls and chats, and many more.

Users- 10K plus(* From google play-store)


As you must have known by its name that the first focus of this app is to protect its user’s data. It provides world-class RSA 4096-bit encryption technology, which is reliant upon zero servers so that you can enjoy a safe conversation.

In this, you can also get the self-destruct feature, which offers you to automatically delete any of your messages from the recipient device and it also received “the prestigious Best Business App award in 2015”

Pryvate does not store any type of data from you so that you can enjoy chatting without any worry about third parties. This is our final app from the most secure messaging list.


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