Top 8 KissManga alternatives

Before finding the best KissManga alternatives, we should first understand-

What is KissManga?

“KissManga website” is one of the famous websites for reading manga and anime. For Anime Lover it is no less than a hidden treasure. Here you will get to read thousands of anime series free of cost, so this could be one of the reasons why Anime Lovers love this website so much.

Does KissManga still live?

Many users claimed that they have been not able to use the “KissManga website” Unfortunately, this is true, and the site has been blocked by different countries by which the website showing out of reach.

But hold on, you can access the KissManga website without any wrong deed or disobeying any cybercrime.

How to access KissManga?

If you are not able to access Kissmanga, perhaps this means that this website has been blocked in your country region.

In Case you have only one option left- Using VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network helps to provide the fake addresses for streaming internet. It simply spoofs that the user is using the internet in various parts of the world.

Best VPN for streaming KissManga website-


Top 8 best KissManga alternatives-

If you do not want to use VPN then there are many such websites, in which you will get all the anime series that you read earlier on this KissManga website.

Here we put 8 best alternative to Kissmanga alternative-


In my opinion, MangaDex is the best Kissmanga alternatives. It is quite a simple, attractive, and user-friendly website, you will be definitely able to know it well by using it the first time. In this, you will get to watch all the anime which were earlier found on the Kissmanga website.

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You will get a very huge collection of anime in it, which will definitely make you crazy about this website. Here you can discover a large variety of anime, and this website is not entangled at all you can watch anime in a simple way. There are a lot of similarities between both websites, which is why we put “MangaDex” first on our list.


MangaPark is also one of the famous anime website, which offers its users to read huge varieties of anime. For this reason, it is one of the best KissManga alternatives. Its interface is simple and responsive, due to which it has become trendy in a couple of years.

This site provides lots of variety of comics and anime for its users. If you had never visited the MangaPark website earlier, then I recommend you to visit once at least. Here you can discover a huge collection library of anime. In spite of having so many irregularities in it, you will not have any problem in finding anime on it, we should thank its simple interface which makes everything possible.

3-Read Manga Today

If you are a die-hard fan of anime, so it is not possible that you have not heard about the “Read Manga Today website”. You don’t need to create an account for reading anime, you can read comfortably by simply clicking on the anime of your choice.

You can read your favorite anime from the massive collection of anime on this website, that too free of cost. Read Manga Today’s website’s simple and attractive interface gives the user a very pleasant experience in times of reading anime. Due to all these features, it is one of the best Kissmanga alternatives.

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4-Manga Go

Manga Go is also one option for you, here you can read all the anime which you get on the KissManga website. Not only this, its interface is quite impressive and attractive, which provides its user a great experience.

You will not have any problem getting the Anime in it, simply visit website then search the Anime. Now just click, and read directly. This website is not complicated at all you can easily find your favorite anime in it, that too in a couple of seconds.

5-Manga Fox

MangaFox is also one of the popular websites for reading mangas and animes. In this, you will get a very selective and new refresh manga series. You can read anime directly by going through their website or its application.

Also, you can track your history record in it so that you can easily find out what you had been reading earlier. Its interface is not that much complicated, this is quite simple for newcomers also, you will not have any problem in finding the manga on this website.


Comixology is also a good alternative to Kissmanga. Here you will get all the Anime series from old to new, which is not less than a treasure for any Anime lover. Along with the website, you can also go through by its application which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

In this, you will also get a lot of free content along with paid content that is quite refreshed, here you will get all the anime series that you previously used to read in Kissmanga. Almost over 90000 anime series are currently available on-site and many of them are true masterpieces, which you will definitely like to read.

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Mangakakalot is a very new emerging website, in which you get to read mostly anime free of cost. Here you will find every day refreshed content for reading. Its interface is decent and very well designed, where you can easily navigate.

It claims it has the world’s biggest database of profound pictures for Manga.




MangaFreak is the newest and fresh website among all 10 websites. Here you can read all anime series, which were earlier available on KissManga. In this too, you get a history option, in which you can know that how many and which one you read the anime series so far.


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