How to fix TalkTalk router not connecting to the internet?

This morning I faced the “TalkTalk router not connecting to the internet” problem, which was quite irritating and time-wasting. I searched too much on the internet to find out the actual reasons behind this and how to fix it. I got the opinion of many users as well as got a lot of pro tips, which I want to share with you in this article today.

Reasons for TalkTalk router not connecting to the internet-

There are many following reasons-

  1. Your router might be too away from the Wi-Fi range.
  2. Internet speed might be too slow.
  3. Your area TalkTalk status is down.
  4. Internet is fluctuating too much.

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How to fix the TalkTalk router not connecting to the internet?

1 – Restart the TalkTalk hub.

There may be a temporary problem due to some minor bugs in the device. To fix this, the best way is to restart your Wi-Fi hub. With this, that temporary problem will be fixed automatically and also keep the Wi-Fi hub as close as possible from the device.

  • Unplug your power cable from the main switch.
  • Hold the power cable for 5 minutes.
  • Then plug in your cable to the main switch and turn on the TalkTalk hub.
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2 – Check your internet connection.

Please check your connection once, as there may be some fault somewhere which is causing the “TalkTalk router not connecting to the internet” problem. Sometimes the connection gets lost due to slow internet also. In such a situation, try not to have an obstacle between Wi-Fi Hub and the TalkTalk device, which can disturb the connection.

3 – Try Ethernet.


If still your TalkTalk router is not connected to the internet then you should use Ethernet instead of the wireless method. Ethernet provides much decent speed as well as low fluctuations.

4 – Check your area TalkTalk status.

It may be that there is a problem going on in your particular area for connection in TalkTalk. That’s why TalkTalk has created a status page for this, where you can see the live status of your device and location.

5 – Use a Wi-Fi booster.

Your TalkTalk Hub may be out of your Wi-Fi signal range and as a result, TalkTalk hub may not get the actual internet speed. You can get rid of the “TalkTalk router not connecting to the internet” with the help of a Wi-Fi Booster. Many of you will be familiar with the Wi-Fi booster, yet I want to make you aware of it once again. Wi-Fi Booster, which helps to amplify and strengthen the range of your signal, allows you to spread your signal widely across a large area.


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