How to solve HBO GO Freezes issue?

HBO Go is one of the best video online services. It brings thousands of movies and original shows to its users. HBO has a huge fan base, which indicates that HBO is one of the most popular streaming channels worldwide. But having all this does not mean that HBO GO App is absolutely the perfect app. It has many problems such as “HBO GO Buffering”, “HBO go lagging on pc” and HBO Go Freezes that have been quite annoying to users.

Today in this guide, we will explain to you how you can get rid of this “HBO Go freezes” problem. We will tell you all the steps by which you will be able to stream HBO easily.

Here we discuss 7 methods by which you can definitely solve these freezing, lagging, and slow down issues on HBO GO.

Restart HBO Go.

First of all, whenever you encounter the HBO Go freezes error, then you should adopt this method first. Because in most cases, it has been seen that restarting HBO Go has solved this error.

If you are accessing HBO Go from a computer browser, then you can close that tab directly and in the other streaming devices, you can exit directly.

Restart your device.

If you have to face the problem of HBO go lagging on pc even after re-launching HBO Go, then you can solve it by restarting your device. Sometimes some temporary bugs cause problems like freezing and lagging. Such temporary bugs automatically clear while restarting the device.

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Check your Internet connection.

Most of the time when HBO Go freezes issue occurs, an Internet connection could be the reason for that. So once you definitely check that you are properly connected to the internet or not. Whether you are connected through WiFi or wire, you can check an internet connection by connecting them with other devices.

Check your Internet Speed.

It is not necessary that if you are connected to the internet, then you will not face the “HBO Go freezes” issue. Because having an internet connection is not enough, but your internet speed should also be fast. Otherwise, you will have to face problems like freezing and lagging.

Check update.

You must definitely check if HBO Go is up to date or not. Otherwise, you can check which one version is currently running on the particular device from the official website of HBO. If your app is not fully updated, then it will not be able to access some latest features due to which you may face problems like freezing.

Try another Internet connection.

Many users have also claimed that sometimes they get this error due to internet connection too, maybe this problem is related to their IP. So if any of the given steps do not help you in any way, then you can check it by connecting the internet from other Wifi.


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Check devices connected to HBO Go.

As you know, you can connect multiple devices to the HBO Go app at a time, but sometimes this feature can be the reason for this “HBO GO freezes” error. Therefore, sign out the rest of the device from the account, so that your device gets more space.

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