How to fix DirecTV Now buffering?

In this guide, we will tell you how you can solve DirecTV Now Buffering and Freezing Problem. DirecTV now is an online streaming platform, which offers a huge variety of shows like comedy, sports, documentaries, drama, and many more under a roof.

Many users claimed that they encounter buffering or lagging errors while watching DirecTV on their streaming devices. So today we decided to come up with fixing methods and reasons for DirecTV buffering.

Reasons for DirecTV Now buffering-

Before we proceed to learn about fixing DirecTV Now freezing problem, we must first understand why this buffering happen. There can be many reasons behind DirecTV Now Buffering, these are some of the following reasons.

  • Slow internet speed.
  • Corrupted data.
  • Outdated DirecTV app.
  • Low bandwidth.
  • Fault in the streaming device.

Methods for fixing DirecTV Now buffering problem-

1-Check your Internet connection.

In most cases, the main reason for DirecTV buffering can be your internet connection. It takes more time to exchange data at a slower internet speed, due to which it takes a longer time to load the video and which causes DirecTV buffering.

So you will need much better speed to stream DirecTV and if you are still facing buffering then you can connect the streaming device using the LAN cable. This will solve all problems related to internet fluctuation and low bandwidth.

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2-Restart your device.

Sometimes due to some corrupted data in your device can also conflict with your DirecTV app and can create buffering and freezing in the video. The best way to clear such temporary corrupted data is to restart your streaming device.

Restarting/rebooting allows the device to automatically clear such temporary data and the device also gets a fresh start once it is turned on again.

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3-Update your DirecTV app.

The outdated DirecTV app can give rise to the problem of buffering and freezing. Because if you have an app out of date, then it will not be able to access the latest feature and at the same time it is also not able to perform so well. So update your DirecTV app to fix this problem so that you can enjoy all the features with the latest version.

4-Re-install your DirecTV app.

As we earlier said, corrupted data can cause buffering DirecTV problems. But sometimes DirecTV app can also be corrupted by these data, so it would be better to re-install the DirecTV app. Installing again will give the app absolutely fresh start and it will not contain any corrupted data.

5-Check another streaming device.

If even after trying all the methods, you are not getting any solution. Then the problem maybe not in your DirecTV app, but in your streaming device. The best way to know this is that you can check by streaming DirecTV to another streaming device and if you are still facing DirecTV now buffering here, then try our next method.

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6-Contact DirecTV services.

You can also ask for help regarding your problem from DirecTV service, they will help you by analyzing your problem. Give them information about your streaming device, and since when did you start having this problem with DirecTV Now buffering. They should give you a solution to your problem in a while.


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