Top 5 most expensive android games

Do you know that some games are present in play stores, whose price is much higher than expected? Well, there are thousands of games in the Play Store, but today we will talk about the games with the highest price tag on the Play Store, which will blow your senses.

I will not advise you to download or use them, because most of these games are not worth such a high price.

The graphics and story of most games are quite bleak and simple, which does not suit such high price tag games. Despite being such the most expensive android games, many people have also downloaded it.

In all these games, one thing in common in the description, “If you have this game on your device you can be sure that your friends do not have it so that you can be proud!” and “If you are rich download now and show you and proudly say I am rich”.

Yes, if you really want to show off … then you can definitely download this game, because “Most Expensive Android Games” will not be available on everyone’s mobile.

Here are the top 5 most expensive android games-

All these apps are currently the 5 most expensive android games in the play store, these games also appear and disappear frequently and if there is any change in any of these apps, then we will update you in advance.

1-Most expensive word game

word games

  • Users- 5000+ downloads
  • Size- 24 mb
  • Price- $399
  • Rating-
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It is one of the most expensive Android games available now on the play store and in this, you just have to combine the words with the correct meaning.

You have to combine all the words given at that level, only then you will be able to go to the next level.

2-Lousy Airplane! – Most Expensive Game 2020

plane cartoon

  • Users- 5000+ downloads
  • Size- 9.5 mb
  • Price- $399
  • Rating-


Lousy Airplane is one of the most expensive android games, in this game you play the role of a pilot, whose main task is to save his plane from all the obstacles that come. You can fly “up and down” the plane to avoid all the obstacles.

3-Santa jump

santa claus
Santa Claus
  • Users- 5000+ downloads
  • Size- 14 MB
  • Price- $399
  • Rating-

In this, you play the role of a Santa, whose job is to give gifts to others. You have to jump from the roof of one house to another and put a gift in the chimney to conquer the level.

4- Most expensive Horror game

Horror game

  • Users- 10000+ downloads
  • Size- 11 MB
  • Price- $399
  • Rating-

In this game, you play the character of a child, who faces every obstacle and moves towards a new stage.

You can up and down your character in it, and be able to escape from all the coming obstacles.



5-Most Expensive Game Forest Life

  • Users– 5000+ downloads
  • Size- 20 MB
  • Price- $399
  • Rating-
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In this game, you get a Stone Age period environment, where you will be given a character, whose job is just to search the food and collect it.

In this, all you have to do is to cross every level with jumps, this game is just like a Mario game: just you will get a “stone age period” feeling in it.


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