Easy ways to fix the Yahoo weather app not working.

Yahoo weather app is one of the most popular weather forecasting apps that allows users to collect weather information, including 10-day and 24-hour temperature forecasts Interactive radar, satellite, heat, and wind maps. But many users claimed while using the Yahoo weather app they faced Yahoo weather app not working, freezing, black screen, and long loading issues. So, in this guide, we will cover all ways to fix these problems.

Reasons for the Yahoo weather app not working-

  • Temporary bugs.
  • You don’t have an internet connection.
  • Outdated Yahoo weather app.
  • Speed might be too slow.
  • Corrupted data and cache.

How to fix the Yahoo Weather app not working problem?

Here we mention some of the easiest steps to get rid from Yahoo Weather app not working problem.

Launch again-

Sometimes temporary bugs create problems like the Yahoo Weather app not working, freezing, and black screen. Temporary bugs are not permanently stored on the app, you only have to close the app to remove these bugs.

Therefore, close the app and then launch it again.

Check your internet connection-

  1. Check whether your phone has an active internet connection or not.
  2. Make sure you are in the range of your Wi-Fi zone.
  3. Try any other network.
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Check your internet speed-

Poor internet speed takes lots of time to load Yahoo weather app content. As a result, it shows a black screen, freezing, stuck and Yahoo Weather app not working problem.

  1. Make sure to check your internet speed on the www.fast.com website.
  2. You might be out of the range of your Wi-Fi.
  3. Clear all the obstacles between your device and router.

Clear cache and data-

There can be unwanted data and cache stored on your Yahoo Weather app that does not allow the app to work perfectly. So, try to clear all these cache and data from your Yahoo Weather app.

Step 1- Go to the Phone settings.

Step 2- Scroll down, and click on the Apps/Apps manager.

Step 3- Go to the manage apps option.

Step 4- Search for the Yahoo Weather app and select it.

Step 5- Select the clear cache option.

Update Yahoo weather app-

As you know, the outdated app version always conflicts with your device. Also, some features may also not be available on your app.

Step 1- Go to the Play Store/ App Store.

Step 2- Hunt for the Yahoo Weather app.

Step 3- Click on the Update option, if available.

Step 4- Once your app gets updated.

Step 5- Launch the Yahoo weather app.

Reinstall the Yahoo weather app-

Even following the above methods, you still encounter the Yahoo weather app not working problem. Then you only have to reinstall the Yahoo Weather app to fix this.

Step 1- First, uninstall the Yahoo Weather app from your phone.

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Step 2- Now go to your Play Store or App Store.

Step 3- Search for the Yahoo Weather app and select it from the search result.

Step 4- On the next page, click on the install option.

Step 5- After installing, launch the Yahoo Weather app.


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