Why would you need a faster processor

Why would you need a faster processor?


What is the Processor?

Important of Processor-

Processor Speed-

Benefits of Fast Processor-



What is the Processor?

A Processor is a combination of an electric circuit that performs the calculation that runs a computer. A Processor performs arithmetic, logical, and many other basic instructions that are passed from the user through the operating system.

You can understand it like a human mind, just like we people need our brain to do any task, and in the same way, a computer needs a processor.

Important of Processor-

You can understand the need for the processor from this point that “without the processor, the computer will be brainless.” This greatly affects the overall performance of the computer.

The processor plays a vital role in determining how your computer doing tasks, but many other things definitely affect your performance.

Processor Speed-

You will not achieve overall processing speed with the processor, many factors also contribute to it. You can understand from this that the latest processors are a thousand times faster than the 2010 processors and The latest processor performs a task much faster than the old processor.

You can understand the processor speed in a simple language, the speed at which your processor performs all calculations to run the computer. The faster the speed, the faster your computer will solve it.

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You can also understand from this, suppose you and your friend have been asked a multiplication question but your friend has been given a calculator and nothing has been given to you.

So you can understand that your friend can solve Questions with great speed because its processing speed is much faster than you.

It measures in GHz and The faster your processor is, the faster your computer will perform.

Benefits of Fast Processor-

A fast processor will help you run faster many types of tasks like heavy apps and to do any number of tasks simultaneously.
There are tons of benefits regarding processor-
  • Heavy Games- Nowadays most people take computers or laptops for gaming only, and if they do not have a fast processor, then they can definitely suffer a lot.

I am not saying that for heavy games, and only a fast processor is the most important thing, but there are many other things Which makes your gaming experience and performance very good, such as RAM, memory, gaming card, and many more but it cannot be denied that the processor also plays a very important role.

  • Daily Task- A fast processor will contribute a lot to your daily work, your work will be solved with great ease and speed.

And at the same time, you can also do multitasking, such as movie downloads, file transfers, and playing songs, and you will not face any problem in doing these tasks.

This will save you a lot of time.

  • Multicores- This is a chip that has several processing units (cores) inside it, and each core is capable to carry out different work.
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1- It works much faster than a single core

2- It can also perform multiple tasks at low frequencies.

3- Fast processor can process heavy data very easily.

4- Able to do much multitasking in comparison to a single core.

5- Occupies less space in a print circuit board.

Suppose your boss has given you to write an article on Paris, and you have to submit it as soon as possible.

If your whole family supports you in writing this article, like your brother doing research about the Historical Place of Paris and sister is doing geography research.

There is no doubt in this, that the work that many people are doing together will be much quicker, than a single person.

  • Inbuilt graphics- Its graphic card-present inside the processor, and you don’t even need any other external graphics card.

This inbuilt graphics is capable of doing regular tasks and gaming also, and inbuilt graphics of fast and latest processor can compete with advanced graphics.

  • Clock speed- By increasing the speed of the processor, your clock speed also increases and with more clock speed you can easily enjoy video editing and high FPS games.


If there is a lot of qualities in something, then there can definitely some shortcomings somewhere.

1- Multicore processor is expensive compared to the single one.

2-High power consumption

3-The overall performance of the multicore processor is based on which type of user is performing the task.

4-Battery drainage increases and if you are multitasking simultaneously, then you may face overheating.

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Computer overall performance is determined by combining all computer parts that work together.

Not only by having a fast processor your system performance increases but each part plays a different role to boost up the overall performance.

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