3 Ways To Fix “Sky Q Error MR106”

Many users claimed that they encountered Sky Q Error MR106 while opening the Sky Q box. This is quite an annoying error, it doesn’t let you load Sky Q box features. In this guide, we will help you to fix Sky Q Error MR106 connectivity problem with some easy steps.

Reasons for Sky Q Error MR106-

This Sky Q error is usually caused by a fault in the internet connection. When your Sky Q box is not able to receive and send data signals from the server, then only this error comes to your screen.

  • Fault in Sky Q box.
  • Weak internet strength.
  • The router is not working.

3 Methods to fix Sky Q Error MR106-

Restart your Sky Q box

Sometimes you may have internet connection problems due to a malfunction in your Sky Q box. This error could be temporary, which you can fix by restart the Sky Q device.

  • Tap on the standby button on your Sky Q remote.
  • Then click on the switch-off option.
  • You can unplug the power cord from the main switch.
  • Wait a minute,
  • Then plug in your Sky Q box wire to the power switch.

Check your Router

As you know this “Sky Q Error MR106” prompts mainly due to fault on the internet. That’s why you should check your router, because there may be a problem with your router, due to which your internet might not working properly. You can restart your router-

  • Switch off the router.
  • Remove all the connected wires of your router.
  • After removing all the wires, wait for a minute.
  • Then, Plug in all the wires again.
  • Switch on your router.
  • Keep close to your Sky Q box.
  • Now check whether your Sky Q Error MR106 is fixed or not.
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If still, this error appears on your screen, then your router might be the main reason for this. If possible, you can try any other router otherwise use Ethernet (It provides you much better speed and connectivity in comparison to the Router).

Use Sky Q Wireless Booster

I think many of you must be already aware of Sky Q Wireless Booster, and for those who may not know, I want to tell you that the Sky Wireless Booster is basically a device that improves your router’s signal strength and it will connect with your router through WPS.

Just make sure to keep your Sky Wireless Booster is as close to your Sky Q box as possible and do not place any disturbing object between the two.


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