Is LDPlayer safe or not(2021)?

Nowadays, the gaming industry is flourishing. Every day, almost thousands of people are joining this industry, and the craze for games has increased significantly. After analyzing the increasing popularity data of the game, there are many such apps created by which you can play your mobile games on the computer also. These apps are called emulators in simple language.

There are many android emulators by which you can easily experience the android games on your PC without any hurdles.

5 Best Android Emulators-

  • LDPlayer
  • Android Studio’s emulator
  • ARChon
  • Bliss OS
  • Bluestacks

Here we discuss the “Is LDPlayer Safe or not”

What is LDPlayer?


LDPlayer is a very powerful Android emulator, with the help of this you can enjoy the Android game now on your computer and laptop as well. LDPlayer is much better than the rest of the common emulator. It supports most of the latest android games and also it can manage to play high-performance games with ease.

It offers you very better keyboard mapping controls and supports high-graphics games. LDPlayer also gives you the support of GamePad. So far, over 3 million people have downloaded it, which shows the popularity of this app.


The reason for its no.1 android emulator is its features, which are quite advanced and unique.

  • LDPlayer offers to specify the virtual location of the device and simulates screen orientation.
  • It also allows users to access the mobile Play Store and many other apps directly.
  • With this help, you can access faster your android apps on your PC in comparison with a mobile phone.
  • You will get a very decent and simple interface in the LDPlayer, in which you can customize or edit shortcuts.
  • LDPlayer offers you to experience high graphics games on high resolution on your PC.
  • Also, you can share your files from PC to android or android to PC directly.
  • It has the ability to switch your GPS location function.
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Is LDPlayer safe or not

Now here comes the question that you all want to know. So, first of all, we talk about its installation process, which is very simple and straightforward. You don’t have to pay any penny for installing, this app is free of cost. LDPlayer does not contain too many advertisements like the rest of the free apps.

In terms of safety you don’t have to panic about it, LDPlayer itself claimed that they won’t pack any malicious spyware and virus with LDPlayer software. Even if you encounter any bugs, they bring their updates every month, so that any bug or error present on it, should completely vanish after the update. Over 3 million already downloaded it and none of them claim the virus and malware on it.

So, yes LDPlayer is totally safe. If you have ever encountered any malware in it, then you can share it with us.

LDPlayer versus Bluestacks

Both are good emulators, most of the features are similar between them. So, it’s really hard to find- which one is better?

First of all, we have to compare their features-


  • LDPlayer is completely free, you don’t have to pay anything to install it and access its all features.
  • On the other hand, Bluestacks comes with 2 versions. One is paid version and the other is completely free of cost, but few features are locked in it.

Android Supports-

  • Using LDPlayer you get the complete experience of Android 5.1 and Android 7.1, but it has a lack of supports in the latest android version in comparison to Bluestacks.
  • Bluestacks offers you great supports in the latest android version, it is far better than LDPlayer in this term.
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  • LDPlayer does not contain a large no of ads and it brings you an ad-free experience.
  • Bluestacks is just the opposite of LDPlayer, here you encounter lots of advertisements. To remove these advertisements, you have to use the paid version of it.

We have understood all the differences between the two here, so according to that, I find LDPlayer a better option. If talking about the similarities of these two, both emulators become well support most games and also compatible with Android phones. The only difference we got to found was found in its free version and Ads. That’s why I prefer LDPlayer, it is free of cost and also allows to use its whole feature.


I have been using it for a long time and so far I have not faced any problem. I hope you have found the answer to all your questions in this. First of all, it is completely free of cost and second, it offers you extreme performance.


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