What is Sandes App?

What is Sandes app?

Sandes App is an instant messaging app, which has been developed only for the official of the Government of India. Previously the idea was to name this app GIMS (Government Instant Messaging System), but later it was named Sandes to put a native touch in this app.

In this, you will get to see all the features such as media sharing and voice messages, which are already available in the instant messaging app. Sandes app is compatible with both iOS and Android. This app is not available in the Play Store at the moment, to install it you will have to go to its official website. National Informatics Center handles Sandes app, which is a part of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

When you sign in to it, it will come with a message directly in front of your screen “This authentication method is applicable for authorized government officials”.

Will this app is an alternative to WhatsApp?

Many people are also calling this app as Desi WhatsApp. This app is very similar to Whatsapp, its interface is designed like WhatsApp so that the users get the feel like WhatsApp. It is not the right time to say that “Sandes app is the perfect alternative to WhatsApp”, right now its development period is going on, where will emphasis is on making it better in the future.

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Was this app really needed?

This question will be in everyone’s mind, do we really need such an app while the market is full of such apps. Yes, we are in dire need of such instant messaging apps, all major messaging apps in the market are manufactured by other countries.

Also, since the arrival of the new policy of Whatsapp, the demand for alternatives of Whatsapp has increased a lot.

Due to these policies of Whatsapp, users are offended and finding a new option and if in the near future, the Sandes app can become a good option.

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