Best 5 walk and earn money app India

World-famous Warren Buffett quotes-“The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money”.

And this quote is completely true: We spend all our lives trying to earn money, instead of investing invaluable time. The biggest problem arises when “we do not know how to earn money”, everyone just thinks that they will have to struggle a lot to earn money.

Nobody would deny that to become a successful and wealthy person, you will have to struggle a lot, but in some cases, it is not completely true that it is mandatory to always do hard work to earn money.

There are many such jobs and tasks where you can earn money easily without any hard struggle and tension, all this you can earn for yourself while doing your daily work. Today we are talking about one of them here.

It will not give you so much money, but you will definitely earn some money from your daily routine. If you are earning some money like this, so there is nothing wrong with it.

There are several apps that offer you some penny for walking and when I first heard about such apps, felt very happy because walking is just a necessary part of life for me.

According to a 2018 health survey, an average Indian walks about 4300 steps daily, so you can earn some money without any extra effort.

Here are 5 “walk and earn money app India”-

1-Sweat Coin





1-Sweat Coin

Sweatcoin is our first choice in walk and earn money app India, one of the most popular fitness apps on the market as well as a user-friendly app.

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It will pay you money only when you walk outside, it will not count any of your indoor activities.

It pays you in cryptocurrency, instead of giving you money. When you complete your 1000 steps, then you will get 0.95 sweatcoins from this app, which you can redeem for cash via PayPal or rewards (gift cards, fitness products, etc.).

Sweatcoin is entirely free to use, in a free base plan you can earn 5 sweatcoins per day and 150 sweatcoins in a month.

If you want more sweatcoins, then you can also upgrade your plan. By upgrading, it offers you to collect more sweetcoins which gives you more money while walking.


Achievement is also one of the best “walk and earn money app India”, it not only pays you for walking and running but also gives rewards for participating in other health activities.

This app includes a bunch of activities like sleeping, walking, biking, meditating, swimming, and many more. Where you can participate and earns lots of rewards.

It is also compatible with various smartwatches and fitness apps, which makes the Achievement app a good choice. No fitness tracker required to link with Achievement for tracking, as it can easily connect via your phone activities.

It gives you points after completing the activities, which you can redeem in cash via PayPal.

You can earn up to a maximum of 80 points in one day for each type of activity. You can also earn by referring friends, it gives you 100 points per referral.


Stepbet is a little different from all the apps here, it is more like a game. Where you have to set the desired fitness goal and bet on yourself. If you achieve that goal then you will win some money, otherwise, you will lose some money.

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This app is developed in a very unique way, which will definitely inspire more to walk. You can also consider it as a race if you win then you will get the prize otherwise you will have to pay a fine.

Stepbet can easily link with other fitness trackers, most games in this app are last for 6 weeks and if you succeed in all your goals you earn some money otherwise you will lose your money.

This app allows you to invest up to $ 40 for every activity, and the fear of losing that money is the perfect way to inspire you to reach Goal. Also, after achieving the goal, you will win some money too.



Lifecoin is a very popular and free app in the market. Whenever you walk or run anywhere, it gives you the lifecoins, which you can redeem later.

It is exactly similar to Sweatcoin, having most of the features common between them, only have aside from the slight difference in their interface and looks.

It allows you to use lifecoins to get free e-gift cards to stores such as Amazon, iTunes, or can also redeem via PayPal. It works in the conjunction with your phone’s GPS, so you need to go outside to earn coins because it did not count any steps indoors.


Runtopia is one of the emerging apps in the market, it comes with some special features like Records all real-time running data, audio guidance while running, personalize trainer plans, and even many more.

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Along with making you aware of fitness, also you can earn rewards while you’re striving to meet your fitness goals.

All its features make it a very good contender for “walk and earn money app India”, after completing all your activities you earn some sports points which you can also redeem later.

You can even use your sports coins buying products like electronics, gift cards, fitness gears, and PayPal cash also.



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