Best way to fix Peacock error code 21.

Peacock TV app is a popular OTT platform that offers thousands of movies, shows, live channels, and even much more. Despite being such a big platform, sometimes there are some errors in it that bother the user a lot. Peacock error code 21 is one of the common errors that has troubled many users. That is why today in this guide we will tell you how you can get rid of this Peacock error code 21.

Reasons for Peacock Error Code 21: –

  • Slow internet speed.
  • Temporary problem.
  • Outdated Peacock TV app.
  • Corrupted Peacock TV app.
  • VPN conflicting.
  • Old TV’s firmware.
  • Streaming device not supporting.

Best ways to solve Peacock Error Code 21?

Check your Internet connection: –

Most of the time, this Peacock error code 21 is generated due to slow internet speed. So, make sure to take these steps to resolve your internet connection problem-

  • Keep your modem/router as close as possible for the fast internet speed.
  • Try any other router.
  • Clear all the obstacles between your router and TV.
  • Restart your modem by unplugging and then re-plug.

Sign out: –

Many users also fix this Peacock error code 21 by simply logging out and re-logging. Because logging out helps to delete temporary files that could be conflicting with the app.

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Restart your TV: –

Now we will go through one of the legendary methods that have helped many users get rid of Peacock error code 21. You only have to restart your Smart TV by simply pressing the power button on your TV remote or unplugging the wire from the main switch.

Re-install the Peacock TV app: –

Sometimes there can be many corrupted files stored on your Smart TV. These corrupted can cause this type of error. Therefore, the best way to clear all these files is to reinstall the app. In this way, you get a fresh app.

  • Launch your respective TV store.
  • Then search for the Peacock TV app.
  • Select the Peacock TV app.
  • Click on the uninstall option.
  • After uninstalling, click on the install button.
  • Then launch the Peacock TV app.

Update your TV firmware: –

Outdated firmware can also conflict with the Peacock TV app. The old version firmware will not support the Peacock TV app properly.

  • Go to your TV’s settings.
  • Navigate the search icon.
  • Hunt for the firmware.
  • Click on the update option.
  • Once your firmware gets updated then launch the Peacock TV app.

Avoid using any VPN: –

VPN can also interrupt the Peacock TV app while streaming. Because VPN interferes with internet connection and this, you get Peacock error code 21. Therefore, try to avoid any VPN on your Smart TV.

Try any other device: –

If even apply all the above methods and still you are not able to find a solution. Then you must try another streaming device.

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