How to fix Netflix Stuck at 25% and 24% problem?

Netflix is the most popular and trusted OTT platform in the world. In this, millions of users stream their favorite content every month. It is compatible with almost every device whether we talk about the mobile, computer, or even smart TV. Despite having such a huge platform, many users face some problems every day and one of them is “Netflix Stuck at 25%” and “Netflix Stuck at 24%”.

In such a situation, the user becomes quite frustrated, because they do not know how to fix it. So today in this guide we will tell you how to fix this Netflix stuck 25% problem.

Reasons for Netflix stuck at 25%-

Before we proceed to fix the Netflix stuck at 25% error, we must first understand the reasons behind it. Because we will be able to fix any problem only when we know the actual reason behind that problem.

  • Minor bugs can create problems.
  • Your internet connection is not proper.
  • Speed might be too slow for using Netflix.
  • Outdated version of Netflix.
  • Corrupted cache.

How to fix Netflix stuck at 25%?

Restart your Netflix app-

Sometimes it gets stuck in loading due to some temporary bugs, so the first solution would be to close your Netflix once and then open it. If there is some temporary problem, then it will be solved automatically. Many users have solved the “Netflix stuck at 25%” problem by doing this and if still your loading is stuck then you can proceed to our next steps.

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Restart your device-

This method is also quite common and many users have fixed Netflix stuck at 25% even by restarting their device. There are many such minor bugs that conflict with Netflix, due to which Netflix gets stuck in loading. Restarting the device eliminates such bugs and the device runs freely.

All you need to do is to plug out your device from the power switch and keep it like that for a few minutes. After that open Netflix by plugging in again.

Check your internet connection-

Sometimes the loading gets stuck because your internet is not working properly. Therefore, definitely check your internet connection whether there is any fault or not. Slow internet speed or fluctuations on the internet can also be the culprit for this loading error.

Therefore, it would be better that you use a fast internet, and before using it once, you must get it checked with some speed tester tool.

Clear corrupted cache-

As you would know that every app stores its data and cache so that it can increase the data retrieval performance of the app. But sometimes corrupted data and cache are also stored which conflict with the app, so it would be better to clear all those caches and data.

Clearing cache and unwanted data will save your device’s storage, which will allow your device to run smoothly.

Update your Netflix app-

Make sure to check once that your Netflix app is not outdated because it has been seen many times that most of the problems occur due to the app being outdated. So go to the App Store of your respective device and update Netflix to the latest version.

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Re-install Netflix-

If you have followed all the above steps and still do not get the solution to the “Netflix stuck at 25%” problem then you must try this last method. Maybe the problem is in your Netflix app itself. Therefore, the better option is to uninstall your app and install it again. With this, your app’s corrupted data and the cache will be cleared automatically and the Netflix app will get a fresh start.

Final words-

If even after adopting all these methods, you cannot fix Netflix stuck at 25% and Netflix stuck at 24% problem, then you can try to open Netflix on any other device. If Netflix does not open in that device too, then it means that the problem is not in your device but there is a problem with the server of Netflix.


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