How to Add and Activate ABC Channel on Roku?

Today we discuss “How to Add and Activate ABC Channel on Roku? |”. ABC in one of the oldest and major television networks in America. This channel ruled the television sector all over America for decades. ABC offers a bunch of varieties of channels to its users such as news, entertaining purpose, sports, and long-running television drama.

Over 97% of households have abc channel in America, which definitely is an impressive result for any channel network. Also, the ABS channel is compatible with most devices whether we talk about the mobile, laptop, Roku, firestick, and any other device.

How to Add and Activate ABC Channel on Roku?

In the following steps, we teach you, How you can add and activate abc channel? Follow each step carefully.

  • Turn on your Roku device.
  • Click on the streaming channel option on the home screen.
  • Now, go to the search channels menu.
  • Enter “ABC” in the empty field by using the on-screen keyboard.
  • When the “ABC” channel appears on your screen, simply tap it directly.
  • Immediately after clicking, you will be redirected to another page, simply click on the Add channel option.
  • After clicking add channel, “abc” channel will start downloading. Wait till downloading is completed. After that launch your abc channel.
  • A code will appear on your screen, note it down somewhere.
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Note- But you will not be able to stream the abc channel until you activate it. So follow these procedures to activate your ABC channel by

  • First, go to the home screen of the ABC channel.
  • Navigate to the Account option from the top of the menu bar and click on it.
  • Now, go to from any other device like mobile and computer.
  • Next, enter the activation code which is shown on your ABC on Roku.

  • Now, choose your pay-TV provider from the list. (If there is no provider name is displayed, then you are not able to activate the ABC channel.)
  • After this you will be promoted to the sign-in section, fill up credentials of pay-TV.
  • Now, ABC channel is successfully activated.

Can you watch ABC on Roku for free?

You can download ABC app for free on any device, whether it is mobile, computer, and Roku. But there is some content available on, for which you definitely have to pay some charges.

Can I watch the ABC channel outside America?

Unfortunately no, if you want to stream the ABC channel from Roku or any other device, then you must be physically located within America. Right now, this channel is only within the US, and maybe in the coming time, you can able to stream it from any other country as well.

List of all Roku device, which supports ABC channel?

  • Roku TV
  • Roku HD – model 2500X
  • Roku LT – models 2400X, 2450X, 2700X
  • Roku 1 – model 2710X
  • Roku 2 – model 2720X
  • Roku 2 HD – model 3000X
  • Roku 2 XD – model 3050X
  • Roku 2 XS – model 3100X
  • Roku 3 – model 4200X
  • Roku 4 – model 4400R
  • Roku Express – models 3700X, 3900X
  • Roku Express + – model 3710X, 3910X
  • Roku Premiere – model 4620X
  • Roku Premiere + – model 4630X
  • Roku Ultra – models 4640X, 4660X
  • Roku Streaming stick models 3400X, 3420X, 3500X, 3600X, 3800X, 3810X
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These Roku device is fully compatible with the ABC channel.

ABC channel not working on my Roku device-

Many users claimed that they suffered buffering, choppy and freezing issues while streaming ABC on Roku device. Here we explain a few solutions by which you can get rid of these problems in a couple of minutes.

  • Restart your device- This is the easiest way that you should try first. It is possible that due to some temporary bugs, you are facing this error, and restarting the device will solve this problem immediately.
  • Check your Internet- As you know you must have an internet connection to watch abc channel. So do check once that you are connected properly with the internet or not.
  • Slow internet speed- Slow internet can also be a possibility due to which you are not able to stream abc channel. You must have a speed of 2 Mb/ s to stream abc channel on Roku without buffering. To check the speed of your internet speed, click in it-
  • Reinstall abc channel- You may have messed up while adding the channel on Roku, or you have not entered the correct code by going to Now you have no other option but to delete the abc channel and add it again.
  • Clear cache of your Roku device- Maybe some corrupted data and cache stored on your Roku device, due to which you are not able to stream abc channel. Follow this link to learn how to clear the cache on a Roku device.


In this article, we briefly explained to you how to add abc channel and go through the link to activate it. We have tried to understand you in a very easy and simple language. Follow all steps from the beginning.

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